Valves & Marine Hydraulic Actuators Damcos / Danfoss / Superfos, Nordisk Marine Hydraulik & IPH Marine Automation




We are suppliers for some of the biggest manufacturing names in the Actuator & Valve industry and are able to offer the most technically advanced industrial valves including but not limited to: Air vent, Angle, Ball, Block & Bleed, Butterfly, Bypass, Check, Control, Cryogenic, Diaphragm, Flow Control, Gate, Globe, Hygienic, Knife Gate, Manifold, Needle, Parallel Slide, Plug, Pressure Reducing Safety, Sample, Solenoid, Storm, Temperature Control, Thermal Relief & Vacuum relief plus associated equipment. Superfos Actuators replacement/updated models also available.






We can supply Damcos & Danfoss Marine Hydraulic equipment and spare parts worldwide.

Damcos has set the standard for the marine industry with the Damcos Valve Remote Control (VRC) System.


Damcos & Danfoss Marine Hydraulic Actuators set the benchmark for marine industry valve operation and control. The key is a patented design that uses a helical spline system to deliver high torque without the need for large size – only Damcos actuators offer these advantages. In addition, since there are no radial forces on the valve stem, the valve lasts longer and needs less maintenance.

Our expertise covers marine automation systems, valve remote control, cargo monitoring systems, ballast, fuel oil and service tank level gauging and draft measurement for all types of ships and offshore units.

Our brands have served marine customers for more than 30 years and together represent the foremost thinking within marine.

What really sets us apart is our dedication to the marine sector and engineering excellence.




DAMCOS / DANFOSS /SUPERFOS / Nordisk Hydraulics A/S Actuators, Indicators, Positioners, Control Block’s, Valve’s, Spare Parts (Including Nordisk Marine). Including but not limited to:


Damcos / Danfoss /  Superfos Hydraulic A/S Actuators (Including Nordisk Marine): KFCM 12-68, KC 22 A1 (160F3004), KC12-A1 (160F3003) , KC22-A1, KC32, KC42 (160F9006), KC65, KC125, KC250, KC325, KC400, SC Actuators for Gate Valves: Linear Double-Acting Duplex Piston Actuator, SC 400, SC 500, SC 630, SC 700, SC 800, SC 1000, SC 1300, SC 1600, BRC 002 A1 (051-4382), BRC 012 051-4252, BRC022 051-2321, , BRC 032 051-2481, BRC 002A1 (051-4382), KFC, KCM, KFCM 12-A1 (160F1002), KFCM 22-A1 (160F1003), KFCM 32-A1 (160F1004), KFCM 42-A1, KFCM 52-A1 BRC 4000 (160N1102), BRC 8000 (160N1103), BRC 16000 (160N1104), BRC 32000, KF, KFR, KF65, KF125, KF250, KFR125, KFR250, KF250/150, KFR250/150, BRCF 032 B1, BRCF125, BRCF 250, BRCF 500 B1, BRCF 1000, BRCF 2000, BRCF 2000 A1 (160N4140) BRCF 4000, BRCF 8000, BRCF 16000, BRCF 16000HT, KC65, KC125, KC250, KC325, KC400, BRC 125 B1 160N1097, BRC 250, BRC 500, BRC 1000 (160N1100), BRC 2000, BRC 4000, BRC 8000, BRC 16000, BRC 32000, BRCF 012 B1 (160N4008), BRCF 022 B1 (160N4010), BRCF 014, BRCF 002 B1 (160N4007), BRCF 042 160N4015, BRCF 052 160N4016, BRCF 072 160N4017, BRC 022 A1 (051-2321) , BRC 032 A1 (051-2481) , KFCM12 (160F1002), KFCM 22 (160F1003), KFCM 32 (160F1004), KFCM 42 (160F1005), KFCM 52, KFR 125 (160F2042), KFR 250 (160F2052), KFR 250/150, BRC 002 A1 (051-4382), Damcos BRCF 500 (160N4179), BRCF 500 Mounting Set (160N1179) ,  BHA-0 Mk2 9018-2812, BHA-2 Mk 2 9018-1762, BHA-1 Mk 2 9018-1942, BHA-3 Mk 2 9018-1632, BRC 032 A1 (051-2481), Mounting Set for BRC 002 A1 (160N0035), Mounting Set for BRC 012 A1 (160N0036), Mounting Set for BRC 052 A1 (160N0039), KFR1.1 B1 Actuator (160F2027), BRC-052 A1, BRC- 072 A1, BRC 092A1 (051-2601), BRCF 250 B1 (160N4178), BRC 1000 B1, BHA 1 MK2, BHA 2 MK2, BHA 3 MK2, BRC 002-A1, BRC 012-A1 051-4252, BRC 032-A1 051-2481, BRC 052-A1 (Part no 051-3941) BRC 8000 B1 (160N1103), BRC 8000 B1 Mounting Set Un-machined (160N1183), BRC 012 (051-4252), BRC 072-A1 (051-4481), BRC 032-180 (160N0064), BRCF 012 (160N4008), BRCF 014 (160N4009), BRCF 032 (160N4011), BRCF 042 (160N4015), BRCF 052 (160N4016), BRCF 072 (160N4017), BRCF 022 B1 (160N4010), KFR 1.0 A1/B1, KFR 1.1 A1/B1, KFR 1.1.0/1.0.P, KFR 1.2, KFR 1.2.1, KFR 2.2, KFR 3.3, KFR 3.3.1, KFR 3.3.2, KFR 4.4, BRCF 024-B1 (160N4036), KFCM-2 Cylinder Type (024-5622), BRCF 032 B1 (160N4011), KFCM-3 Cylinder Type 024-4243, BRC 250 B1 (160N1098), BRC-2000-B1 (160N1101) BRC 2000 B1, KFR 1.2 (160F2003), KFR 1.0 160F2026, KFR 1.1 160F2027, KFR 1.1.0 160F2028, KFR 1.2 160F2029, KFR 1.2.1 160F2030, KFR 1.0.P 160F2031, BRC-16000-B1 (160N1104) BRC 1000 B1 160N1100, KFCM-2, KFCM-3, BRCF 14-L1 for LPU-LPA 160N4074, BRCF-022-B1, BRCF 1000 B1 MLC 160N4188, BRCF 2000 B1 MLC 160N4189, KC 62 A1 160F3009, KC42/3-C1-AM (80mm) 160F3017, KC62-C1-AM-W/acc. Gopfert DN150  Part no: 160X0103, KC62-C1-AM DN200 160F3019, BRCF-032-B1 160N4011, BRCF 2000 A1 160N4140, BRCF 250 B1 FOMLO 160N4202 (Replaces 160N4093), Nordisk Marine BNE 00.1/00.11, BNE 00.2/00.12, BNE 00.3/00.13, BNE 0.1/0.11, BNE 0.2/0.12, BNE 0.3/0.13, BNE 1.1/1.11, BNE 1.2/1.12, BNE 1.3/1.13, KFR 1.2 B1 160F2029, Nordisk Hydraulik BHAG 4 MO mk2 022-2411 (9022-2411), Nordisk Hydraulik BHAG 3 MO mk2 022-2401 (9022-2401), Nordisk Hydraulik BHAG 2 MO mk2 021-3932 (9021-3932), Nordisk Hydraulik BHAG 1 MO mk2 021-3912 (9021-3912)


Danfoss Nordisk Marine Hydraulik BHAG 1,2,3,4 MO Mk2



We can also still supply certain Obsolete Damcos, Danfoss, Superfos Actuators such as the BRC , BRCF & KCFM Ranges.


Damcos SC Actuators: SC Actuators for Gate Valves Linear Double-Acting Duplex Piston Actuator. SC 400, SC 500, SC 630, SC 700, SC 800, SC 1000, SC 1300, SC 1600


Damcos / Danfoss Position Indicators: DPI-E, DPI-B, VPI-V, VPI-E, VPI-C, VPI-CE, VPI-EE, DPI-E-68 (160B4171), Valve Position Indicator VPI-E With Gear Ratio 1:0040, Connection Face: DIN 24340 Cetop3/VPI Connection (160G1280P), CPI182/0-68 (160B4007) Valve Position Indicator VPI-E With Gear Ratio 1:0150, Connection Face: DIN 24340 Cetop3/VPI Connection (160G1287P), Damcos DPI-E Indicator (NO) For LPU V2 (160B4172), VPI-E Top v2 Replacement F. V1 160G1254 (160G0421, 160G0422) , VPI-C Top v2 Replacement F. V1 160G1255 (160G0424, 160G0419), VPI C Complete Alu/Gear 1:0040 160G1302P, Danfoss CPI 302/0-68 160B4009, Damcos / Danfoss DPI-C-68 Indicator M20 Gland 160B4174, Damcos / Danfoss DPI-E-68 Indicator (NO) M20 Gland 160B4171, 160G0460P Set of Seals for VPI Rear/Top, Damcos VPI-C Alu Gear 1:0060 (160G1304P) VPI E Comp Alu Gear 1:0150 160G1287, VPI E Comp Alu Gear 1:0250 160G1289, BB-VPI-E 100:1 (100-170ml) 160G4161, VPI.E I/S 2m Cable 160G1324P (160G1252) VPI Bottom part complete (160G0510) DPI-C-68 M20 Gland 10K with adaption set (160B4247) Hydraulic Position Indicator THP-M-E-V-NG6 (160G0520) DPI-E-68 Indicator (NO) M20 Gland with adaption set 160B4241, VPI-E Top v1 160G0408, VPI-C Top v1 160G0409, BB-VPI-E 40:1 (40-70ml) 160G4199, BB-VPI-E 40:1 (40-70ml) 160G4199, BB-VPI-E 60:1 (60-100ml) 160G4160, BB-VPI-CI/S 250:1 (250-430ml) 160G4242, Block VPI TC Ver 2 160G0512P, CPI-RLS 182 90 Deg 160U2275, DPI-C-68 N/O M20 Gland 10K 160B4195, DPI-E-68 Indicator (NO) M16 Gland 160B4170, Block VPI PTC Ver 2 160G0570 / 160G0570P, Rear Part for VPI (Brass) v2 160G0515, BB-VPI-C Top I/S w 1m Cable 2K 160G1251P, BB-VPI-E Top I/S v2 NO w Cable 1m 160G1250P, DRLS-R 180/0-68 (214) 160B4187, DRLS-R 300/0-68 (214) 160B4190, DRLS-R 300 Variable 160B4192, VPI-E Top v1 160G0590, Damcos DFI Direction Flow Position Indicator, Danfoss Damcos VPI-V Top 160G0586P (Replaces 160G0466), VPI-C Complete Alu/Gear 1:0060 160G1304, VPI-C Complete Alu/Gear 1:0125 160G1307P, VPI-C Complete Alu/Gear 1:0250 160G1311P, VPI-C Complete Alu/Gear 1:0540 160G1314P, VPI-E Complete Alu/Gear 1:0125 160G1285P, VPI-E Complete Alu/Gear 1:0250 160G1289P, VPI-E Complete Alu/Gear 1:0540 160G1292P, VPI Bottom Non Return Valve Ø8*13 (1 Bar) 1 groove 160G0410, VPI-V Complete Alu/Gear 1:0150 160G1265P, DPI-E-68 (NO) M16 Gland with adaption SE 160B4240, VPI MS Bottom Part 160G0461, VPI Gear Ratio 720:1 360-0240, Hydraulic Position Indicator THP-M-E-V-NG6-IS 9029-6491



VPI – Valve Position Indicator General

Valve position A1 indicator for BHH:BHHF actuators


Damcos Danfoss DPI-B Position Indicator SD 4200-2E01

160G4161 BB-VPI-E

VPI-E Assembly

Superfos HPR-01 Indicator

Damcos DFI

Damcos VPI V Top v2 160G0466 , 160G0586P

K62 CPI Indicator LPI 9024D3911



Damcos & Danfoss Double position Indicator’s: DDPI-E, DDPI-E/C, DDPI-C

Damcos® DPI-B Direct hydraulic open:closed position indicating system


Damcos & Danfoss LPU-D Local Power Unit- Double Acting: EEx, LPUM, LPU-S, P-NET, LPU-D, LPU-S Power On/Off Ver.2 160G4150, LPU-D Power On/off Ver.2 160G4151, LPU-S Power-Analogue Ver.2 160G4152, LPU-D Power-Analogue Ver.2 160G4153, LPU-S Bus Ver.2 160G4154, LPU-D Bus Ver.2 160G4155, Damcos LPU-S-P-NET Ver.2 160G4156, LPU-D-P-NET Ver.2 160G4157, LPU-D Power On/off Ver.2a 160G4182, LPU-D-PLC On/off Ver.2a 160G4184, LPU-D-Power Analogue Ver.2a 160G4183, LPU-D-P-NET Ver.2a 160G4187, LPU-D-EEx-d IIC-T6 230v 50/60hz, LPU-D-EEx-d IIC-T5 50/60hz, LPU-S- Ex-d IIC-T6 230v 50/60hz, LPU-S-EEx-d IIC-T5 50/60hz, LPU-D-EEx-d-(ia) IIC-T6 230v 50/60hz with Zener Barrier inside enclosure, LPU-D-EEx-d-(ia) IIC-T5 230v 50/60hz with Zener Barrier inside enclosure, LPU-S-EEx-d-(ia) IIC-T6 230v 50/60hz with Zener Barrier inside enclosure, LPU-S-EEx-d-(ia) IIC-T5 230v 50/60hz with Zener Barrier inside enclosure, LPU Wire-B, Press. Switch A-RED 195mm 533-0412, LPU-D-PowerOn/Off 230vac v2a as D 160G8004, LPU-D-Ex-d (ia)-IIC-T6 v2 230v 50/60hz 160G4215, Damcos PD600 M DPI with P-NET RS485 586-4600, Damcos PD602 M, DPI with P-NET Ethernet 586-4603, LPU-D-Power-Cont 110 VAC 50/60Hz v2a 160G4189 (Replaces 160G4188), Circuit Board PCB LPU-P-NET Preas (S & D2a) 160G4629, Solenoid Valve parts LPU-D v2a 160G9760P, LPU 160G4100, LPU Mounting Set/Tank KFR 1. x2.2/3.3.1 160G4147, LPU Mounting Set/Tank KFR 2.3 x/3.3/3.3.2 160G4148, LPU Mounting Set/Tank KFR 4.4 160G4149, LPU-S-Ex-d (ia)-IIC-T6 v2 230v, 50/60hz part no 160G4214





Damcos Solenoid Valve Modular Cabinet: D-xx, S-xx, Q-xx


Damcos Base Modules Series 600: PD600 DPI, PD601 DPI, PD602 SPI, PD661 SPI, PD662 RPI, PD663 SPI, PD620 4-Channel Digital IO, PD621 6-Channel Digital IO, PD622 4-Channel Digital IO, PD625 Valve control Module, PD527 Valve Control Module, PD640 2-Channel Analog IO, PD641 3-Channel Analog input, PD642 4-Channel Analog Input, PD660 SPI, PD661 SPI, PD662 RPI, PD663 SPI


Damcos MAS G048 Inclinometer: MAS G048B-1, MAS GO48B-2, MAS GO48B-3


Damcos Vision Series: Vision 104 (165B9052), Vision 17 (165B9055), Vision 17T (165B9056), Vision 17C (165B9057), Vision 17TC (165B9058), Vision 19 (165B9059), Vision 19T (165B9059-1), Vision 19C (165B9060) , Vision 19TC (165B9060-1), Vision CPU (165B9061), Vision SCC Compact CPU (165B9153) Plus associated accessories 165B9062, 165B9064, 165B9065, 165B9066, 165B9067, 165B9068, 165B9069, 165B9070, 165B9071, 165B9072, 165B9073, 165B9074, 165B9075, 165B9076, Vision 17 165B9165, Vision 19 165B9163, Vision 24 165B9177, Vision 17 Touch 165B9166, Vision 19 Touch 165B9164, Vision 24 Touch 165B9162, Vision USB Cable 165B9072 USB Touch-Cable 1.8m, Vision USB Cable (CPU) 165B9075, Vision 19/24 Stand 165B9167, Vision 17 Stand 165B9170, Vision Display Cable 165B9172, Vision Display Cable (CPU) 165B9173, Vision CPU MK-II 165B9168


Damcos Vision Series SD 8751-2E05

Damcos Vision Monitors

Damcos Vision CPU. 165B9168 pdf


Damcos Danfoss Misc Parts: BRC 032 Indicator Shaft 160N4311, BRCF 034+042 Disc 034E1831, Bleed Valve 3/8 BSP-4 Bar 160G5123 (Replaces 023-6771), Thrust Gage Bearing Ø100 390-0019, Thrust Washer Ø100 390-0119, Back up Washer 258-9145, Screw M12 x 50 251-0160, ILL Push Button F162S9-24G-11_R G121-1201, ILL Push Button F162S9-24R-11_R G121-1200, Selector Switch KLS016SS3-2_R G122-1006, BRC 052 Bottom Part 051D4081, BRC 052 Splined Shaft 051C3901, BRC 052 Indicator Shaft 160N0349, Pump 101 1.0 CCM HY/ZBR1/1A 320-0001, Relief Valve DGMC-3-PT-GW-41 50-250 Bar 343-0251, Needle Valve UNF 3/4″- 16 Cartridge 331-0101, Accumulator Block HY/VAL 2/160/2 326-0019, Ball Valve 1/4″ BSP 330-0210, Pump Set for LPU-M


Damcos System Power Unit: SPU A, SPU AH, SPU AE, SPU AHE, SPU B, Damcos Bladder Accumulator 32,0 L Hydac M22 Part no 326-2324, Damcos Bladder Accumulator 32,0 L Hydac M50 Part no 326-2335, Damcos Bladder Accumulator 50,0 L Hydac M22 Part no 326-2328, Damcos Bladder Accumulator 50,0 L Hydac M50 Part no 326-2325, Damcos Pressure Relief Valve DB4E-01X-250v Part no 343-1402, Adaptor Including Burst Disc Hydac Part no 326-2322, SPU Filter Element DF60 10 Micron 346-0215, SPU Return Filter RFM 10 Micron 346-0211


Damcos Double Pilot Operated Check Valve: DPCV-3 (160G6000), H-DPCV (160U4343),


Damcos Danfoss Solenoid Valves: Solenoid Valve Set 4/3-4-0 230vac for VPI 160L8085 (160L8014), Solenoid Valve Set 4/2-2-0 230vac for VPI 160L8079 (160L8006), Solenoid Valve Set for VPI 4/2-1-0 230vac for VPI 160L8077 (160L8002) INT-2633 Solenoid Valve 3/4 24v DC IA 316, MD1D-RK/59N-D/DMS 160L8050, MD1D-RK/59-A/DMS 160L8051, 160L8052, MD1D-TA/59-D/DMS 160L8054 (Solenoid Valve 4/2-20 24 V DC), MD1D-TA/59-A/DMS 160L8055, 160L8056, MD1D-TC/59N-A-DMS 160L8059, 160L8060, MD1D-S9/59N-D/DMS 160L8062, MD1D-S9/59-A/DMS 160L8063, 160L8064, EDB14-A 160L8070, EDB14-D 160L8071, Damcos Solenoid Valve 4/2-2-0-S 220/240 VAC 50/60Hz Part No 160L8015 ( MD1D-TA/59N-A/DMS ), Solenoid Seat Valve 2/2 V1 344-2254, Coil 220 VAC 50/60HZ 433-2255, PLA-E IP68 Valve ContRoller, PLS 160G4026, PLA-V Change Over Valve PLS 4/3 Spring Center 160G4001, PLA-V Change Over Valve PLS 4/2 Indent 160G4002, Damcos Danfoss Solenoid Valve Set 4/2-1-0 230vac for VPI 160L8077 Replaced by 344-0802, IS Solenoid Valve 12v 4/2 Detent 9026-6681, IS Solenoid Valve 12v 4/3 A+B-T 9029-6671, IS Solenoid Valve 12v 4/2 SP.R P-B 9029-6701,


Damcos & Danfoss Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves: SA-G01-E3X-G-D2-31ES (160L8050), SA-G01-E3X-C115-31ES (160L8051), SA-G01-E3X-C230-31ES (160L8052), SA-G01-A3X-G-D2-31ES (160L8054), SA-G01-A3X-C115-31ES (160L8055), SA-G01-A3X-C230-31ES (160L8056), SA-G01-H3X-G-D2-31ES (160L8058), SA-G01-H3X-C115-31ES (160L8059), SA-G01-H3X-C230-31ES (160L8060), SA-G01-C6S-G-D2-31ES (160L8061), SA-G01-C6S-G-D2-31ES (160L8062), SA-G01-C6S-C115-31ES (160L8063), SA-G01-C6S-C230-31ES (160L8064), 160L5064 Solenoid Valve 4/3-4-0 220/240vac 50/60, Microsol Valve Type 01-311P-OO-HO F01003 12V AC/DC (160G3052) Pmax-7 bar, Ul- 16VAC/DC; Il-300 mA Part no 160G3052


DamcosTM Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves SD 4500-2E06


Valve Block: CETOP-3-DR (034-2361), Throttle Block TR-3 B1 040-7611,


Damcos CB-E Control block: CB 2-PCV-R-T-H-E, CB 2-PCV-R-T-E, CB 2-S-H-E, CB 2-S-E, CB 1-S-H-E, CB 1A-S-H-E, CB 2-PCV-R-T 160G2256P , CB 2-PCV-R-T-H-E 160G2257P, Block 2-C-DPNR-TH-MS-BP 160G2193,


Damcos CB-NG6 Control Block: CB 2-NG6-S-H (E) 160G5028 , CB 2-NG6-S, CB 1-NG6-S-H, CB 1A-NG6-S-H, Block 2-C-DPNR-TH-MS-BP (160G2193)

Damcos Control Block CB-B: CB 2-PCV-R-T-H-B (160G2259), CB 2-PCV-R-T-B, CB 2-S-H-B, CB 2-S-B, CB 1-S-H-B, CB 1A-S-H-B, CB 1-S-H-E (160G2288P), CB 2-PCV-R-T-H 160G2250P, CB/CBF Seal Kit 160G5012


Damcos CBF-E Control Block: CBF 2-PCV-R-T-H-E, CBF 2-PCV-R-T-E (160G2284P), CBF 2-T-H-E, CBF 2-T-E, CBF 1-T-H-E, CBF 1A-T-H-E

Unknown-1                Unknown-2

Damcos Danfoss Block 2-C-DPNR-TH-MS-BP 160G9193:160G2193 Drawing

Damcos Danfoss Block 2-C-DPNR-TH-MS 9024D3911 

Damcos Bulkhead Block DPHS-2-PCV-R-T

Nordisk Marine 2-C-DPNR-TH-BP-MS Block

Nordisk Marine 2-C-H-DPNR-TH-BP-MS Block 

Nordisk Marine 2-C-H-DPNR-TH-DR-BP-MS Block

Nordisk Marine 2-C-H-DPNR-DTH-MS

Nordisk Marine 2-C-M-DPNR-DTH-MS Block

Nordisk Marine 2-C-H-DPNR-DTH-DR-MS Block



Damcos & Danfoss Indication Modules: KLS-12/68 (160B4022), KLS-22/68 (160B4023), RLS 302/0-68 (056-3551), RLS 222/0-68 (056-3221), RLS 222/2-68 (056-3241), RLS 182/4-68 (056-3471), RLS 182/0-68 (056-3461), MLS 620/0-68, RLS 222/5-68 (160B4005), CPI 302/0-68 (160B4009), CPI 182/0-68 (160B4007) RLS 302/0-68 (056-3551), RLS222/0-68 (056-3221), CPI 222/0-68 (160B4008), KLS 32/68 160B4024, KLS 42/68 (160B4025), KLS 52/68 (160B4026), CPI-RLS 182 90 Deg 160U2275, Reed Contact for KLS 12 – 52/68 055-4791, CPI 121/0-68 160B4006, RLS 382/0-68 056-3631, RLS 222 Cover 056C3391, RLS 222 Seal kit 219-0413, DRLS 182 90o Deg 160U2281, CPI 182/1-68 160B4011 BRC002M Potmeter, RLS 382/0-68 Indicator 056-3631


CPI-RLS assembly drawing 160U2275


Damcos / Danfoss Connection & Mounting Blocks: CS, HS, CS-3, HS-3, CS-3 A1 (051-6051) HS-3 A1 (051-6061) 051-6031, Damcos Con Block BRC Face 20mm AISI 316 (160U8128), Block VPI TC Ver 2 160G0512P, Control Block HPC-3 MS/RS 160G2039P, 1-CB-MS SW/PM 160G2113, Control Block CB 1-S-H 160G2287P


Damcos & Danfoss Hand Pump: HP, HP-LPU, HP-LPUM, B-VPI, HP-S-VPI-V-4, HP-LPU-VP-B, HP-D-1, PHP 25-05, HP-D, HP-D-1, HP-S-1, HP-S-4, HP-D-B-1, HP-D-B-VPI-V-1, HP-S-B-1, HP-S-B-4, HP-S-B-VPI-V-1, HP-S-B-VPI-4, INT-10449 Air Filter for PHP 25-05, 5 Metre Hose 160F0556, PHS A1 Block (051-9221), MPHS Manual Hand Pump System, Damcos Hand Pump Unit DHP 14-3 MS/RS 160G2037, Seal Kit for Portable Hand Pump INT-0210, Damcos MHPS Hand Pump COMPLETE, MHPS, Inc VPI, N90, DRV3, MS58, Gear Ratio VPI 40.1 (Please confirm at point of order) Part Number: 160U4470P, DHP 14-3MS 160G2037, Hand Pump with Manometer 320-0102, DHP 14-3 MS/RS Hand Pump 160G2038, Control Block HPC-3 MS/RS 160G2039, Handle 200mm RS 160G2040 DHP 14-3 MS, DRV-3 Double Release Valve (MS) 105 Bar (Part no: 041-4431) Hand Pump HP-D-B-4 165F2047, Control Block HPC-3 MS/RS 160G2039P, Filter Breather INT-1657



MHP Hand pump sd6701-2E02

Damcos DHP 14-3:HPC-3

Damcos HP-D-B-1 Hand pump bulkhead

Damcos™ Hand Pump – General

Damcos PHP 25 05 Portable Handpump

Damcos Danfoss HP-DHP-14-3 MS-RS Parts list & Drawing

Danfoss Damcos MHPS Manual Hand Pump System

Damcos™ Hand Pump – Electro-hydraulic

Motor:Pump unit 9027-0911P 9026D1341

DANFOSS 3 WAY BALL VALVE INT-0902 TYPE NO ARGUS 3491 0010 59 50 60 INT 0902



Damcos , Danfoss BRC Marine Hydraulic Actuators: BRC002A1, BRC 002A1, BRC 002 A1, BRC-002-A1, BRC0012A1, BRC 012A1, BRC 012 A1, BRC-012-A1, BRC022A1, BRC 022A1, BRC 022 A1, BRC-022-A1, BRC032A1, BRC 032A1, BRC 032 A1, BRC-032-A1, 051-4382, 051-4252, 051-2321, 051-2481


Damcos : TR-3 Throttle Block, DRLV-3, Shaft Cover with sight glass, PTC Block, MFS-3, MFA-3, DPI-B, DPI-C, DPI-E, DDPI-E, DDPI-C, DDPI-E/C, MPV-3, MAS2600, DP1802P, PV210 Hand pump, Skotten Bulkhead Fittings, 8-1009, 165B0322, LPU Pump Set 160G8007, Damcos Pilot Valve Type D1 MPV-3 037-7771, Mounting Block CS-3 A1 (Brass) 051-6051, Damcos Danfoss DPCV-3 160G6000, DVCP-3 Seal Kit 160G6299, DPCV-3 Valve Seat 160G6302, DVCP-3 Cone Compression Spring 160G6304, Damcos DRV-3 Double Release Valve (MS) 105 Bar 040-4431, Pilot Valve type A1 MPV-3 037-7761, Pump Set for LPUM-D 160G4274,


Damcos / Danfoss Spare Parts/Seal Kits: BRCF 032 B1 160N4260 Seal Kit, BRC002 Seal Kit 291-0141 (030D4621), P3 Crossover plate (051-8671), KFR 1.A1/B1 Seal Kit 160F2099, KFR 2.A1/B1 Seal Kit 160F2098, KFR 3.A1/B1 Seal Kit 160F2097, KC/KF/KFR 125 Seal Kit 160F3294, VPI Magnetic Coupling (160G0413), BRC250 Seal Kit (160N0277), Seal Kit BRC500 (160N0276), 343-0501 Valve, 345-0365 Filter, 345-0366 Filter, 320-1261 Pump, 331-0055 Valve, 380-0606 Gauge, 343-0380 Valve, 343-0365 Valve, HS Mounting Block 051-6031, 380-1002 Pressure Stat, 380-1716 Pressure Transmitter, BRCF022 B1 Seal Kit (160N4259), BRCF022 Disc Spring (231-0584), BRCF012 B1 Disc Spring (160N4257), BRCF014 B1 Seal Kit (160N4256), BRCF022 Disc Spring (231-0584), BRCF042 B1 Seal Kit (160N4261), BRCF042 Disc Spring (231-0584) BRC250 B1 Seals (160N1260), BRC500 B1 Seals (160N1261), BRC1000 B1 Seals (160N1262), BRC2000 B1 Seals (160N1263), LPU-D-V2a Sealing Set (160G4281), LPU/CB Bulkhead Block 160G2269, Set of Seals HP-D 160G5115 / 160G5133, LPU-D-V2a Pump Set (160G4282), DPI-E-68 Indicator (160B4172), Seal Kit LPU-D-V2 160G4285, DPI-C Indicator for LPU V2 (160B4175), 051-0772 Quick Connector, 539-0249 Circuit Board for LPU-D-PLC/Powers Vers 2a, 539-0255 Circuit Board for LPU-P-NET, VPI-E Alu/Gear 1:0015 (160G1278P) 160D1475, 160G3034, VPI-E Alu Gear 1:0060 (160G1282P) 160G1478, VPI-E Gear 160G1505, VPI-E Gear 160G1508, VPI Gear Ratio 1.0040 (002) 360-0207, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0150 (012) 360-0218,VPI Gear Ratio 1:0250 160G1289P, 160G1293P Gear Ratio, VPI Housing 160G0611, Bushing 160G0625, Retainer 032E9372, X-Ring 202-0029, Sleeve 232-0717, Gear Set 160G0417, Non Return Valve 160G0410, Seal Kit 160G0448, Assembly 160G9026, VPI Bottom Part 160G0432, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0250 (022) 360-0224, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0720 (032) 360-0240, VPI Gear Ratio 1:1280 (052) 360-0249, 380-1002 Barksdale Cetop 5-180 Bar, PD 625 1-Ch Valve Control Module 586-3625, CA004050 Print card, PD 380-0606 Pressure Gauge 0-250 Bar 1/4″ BSP Bottom, BM009 Base Module Danfoss Control valve 586-3009, Filter Element (Return) 8.70 R 10 BN4 345-0380 / 3450366, PHS-A1 Block 051-9221, PG13 Extender for Submersion 160B9724P, CS-3 A1 Mounting Block 051-6051, Stop Valve D4 160G2280 / 160G3019, CA007400 Adaptor Kit for KFR 125 & KFR 225, 160Z2005 Mounting Adaptor, Release Valve Compl 135 Bar (049-1341), Block VPI PTC 160G0570P, Solenoid Valve 4/2-1-0, 220/240 VAC 50/60 (160L-8052), Solenoid Valve 4/2-2-0, 220/240 VAC 50/60_R (160L-8056), Solenoid Valve 4/3-4-0, 220/240 VAC 50/60 (160L-8064), BRC 012-A1 Seal Kit (219-0309), BRC 032-A1 Seal Kit (219-0311), BRC 052-A1 Seal Kit (219-0312), Damcos PHS Block-Stainless Steel (160G2008), Damcos Block VPI PTC Version 2 (160G0570P), BRC8000 BI Seal kit (160N1265), Stop Valve D4 (160G2280), Throttle Bushing (160G2539), Solenoid Valve Set 4/2-2-0 24VDC For VPI (160L8078), 160N4261 Damcos Seal Kit for BRCF 042-B1, 231-1013 Damcos Disc Spring for BRCF 014-B1, 231-1038 Damcos Disc Spring for BRCF 032-B1, 231-1025 Damcos Disc Spring for BRCF 022-B1, BHA 1 Mark 2 packing Set 9018-1922, BHA 2 Mark 2 Packing Set 9018-1892, BHA 3 Mark 2 Packing Set 9021-7021, Compression Spring 231-2662, Mounting Set Excluding Flange for BRC 002 A1 (160N0035), Mounting Set Excluding Flange for BRC 012 A1 (160N0036), Mounting Set Excluding Flange for BRC 022 A1 (160N0037), Mounting Set Excluding Flange for BRC 032 A1 (160N0038), Mounting Set Excluding Flange for BRC 052 A1 (160N0039), BRCF 4000 B1 Actuator Seal Kit (160N6029), BRCF 2000 B1 Actuator Seal Kit (160N6028), BRCF 1000 B1 Actuator Seal Kit (160N6027), BRCF 500 B1 Actuator Seal Kit (160N6026), KC-250 Actuator Seal Kit (160F3293), BRCF 500 B1 Seal Kit 160N6026, BRC 500 Hardw 160N1019P, BRCF 250 B1 Seal Kit 160N6025, BRCF 2000 B1 Seal Kit 160N6028, Spline Adaptor Machined BRC 012 (042E1981), Spline Adaptor Unmachined BRC 012 (031E6173), BRCF 014 B1 Set of Seals 160N4257, BRCF 002 B1 Set of Seals 160N4258, Damcos LPU-S Ver.1 Set of Seals 160G4291, Danfoss KC12 Actuator (160F3003), BRC 1000 B1, Adaption Kit F10 with 24mm Drive + Mounting Block E with DPI-C-68 Indicator M16 Gland assembled ( 160N1100, 160T0287, 160G2294, 160B4173), BRCF 125 B1 FO Seal Kit (160N6032), Damcos 160G2040 MPHS Handle 20mm RS, Damcos 160U0860 Tank (Reservoir for MPHS), Damcos  BB-VPI-E-100:1, BB-VPI-E-250:1, BB-VP1-E-60-1 Set of Seals for VPI Top/Rear, MS 160G0460P, Damcos Block F Rotator SV INT-2633, Damcos Cap with Sight Glass 182-222-302 (056-3301), Damcos Nut M5 043E4031, Damcos Stud M5* 115 8/16 160U0316, Damcos Block B.B. A1 (051-8341) BHA-1 MK2 Piston 9018E1993, BHA-1 MK2 Cylinder 9018E1984, BHA Yoke 0,1,2,3+0 M2 L=29 (9022-7971), INT-0210 Handpump Seal Kit, Scraper Bushing KFR 3.3.1 A2 160F2394, Seal kit for KC65 160F3292, Packing Set SC-0500 219-0317, Emerson Butterfly Valve DN100 440-1667, BRCF 4000 B1 Seal Kit 160N6029, BRCF 1000 B1 Seal Kit 160N6027, BRC 125 B1 Seal Kit 160N1259, 219-0312 SEAL KIT BRC 052-A1, 219-0313 SEAL KIT BRC 072-A1, Damcos PD625 1-Ch. Valve Control Module & Programming Of Print Card Part No. 586-3625, KC22-A1 Seal Kit 219-0200, VPI N-Block V.1 Set of Seals 160G0451, Gear Pump P3/90L4 3cm3 Part no 320-1251, KLS/68 Seal Kit 160B5290, KFCM 42 Seal Kit 034-3731 (219-0177) , KFCM 32 Bushing 034D0211, KFCM 32 Stop Bushing 034E0221, Pressure N/O Switch 100 Bar Falling Part No. 380-1378 Has Replaced 380-1377, Disc Spring 80/41×4 231-1007, KFCM 32 Spindle 160F1208, KFCM 32 Spring Guide 034D0181, Back up Washer Dia 50 258-9129, Back up washer Dia 24 258-9114, Quick Connection Female 051-0712, Hose Complete with Fittings L=5M 165F0556 (160U7521), BRC 8000 B1 Mounting Set Un-machined (160N1183), BRCF 1000 B1 Set of Seals 160N6027, BRCF 2000 B1 Set of Seals 160N6028, Block VPI TC Ver.2 160G0512, BRC 012 / F07 Adaption Kit (Spline Adaptor & Intermediate Flange) 160N8071, BRCF 022 B1 Seal Kit 219-0279, BRC 4000 Un-machined Mounting Kit 160N1038, SH Series Actuator SH9.0 , BRC 2000 Top Part 160N0562, Shaft 160N0789, Splined Shaft BRC 2000 B1 160N0790, Bottom Cover 160N0566, Top Part BRC 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 160N0843, Screw M4 x 16 251-1531, Snap Ring  External Dia:17 267-0014, Thrust Bearing Dia:90 390-0018, Thrust Washer Dia:90 390-0118, Stop Valve Dia 4 160G2280, Valve seat 160N1049, Plug 3/8” WG 160G5044, Yoke F. DPI BRC 1000 – 2000 L=27.75 160B4503, Bearing for Angle adjustment BRC 2000 160N0567, Banana Washer BRC 2000 160N0571, Bearing Strip 160N0577, Screw M12 x 50 251-2157, Screw M16 x 80 251-1781, Cylinder Pin 016 x 50 271-2370, BRC 2000 Adapter 160N0574, Flange Adapter BRC 2000 160N0647, Damcos SC-1000/1 Seal Kit 219-0323, Damcos ELDEL PLA-E With Relay U.TRYKTAN 160G4028, KFR 1.A1/B1 Set of Seals 160F2099, Unmachined Mounting Set for BRC 022 A1 (055-3001), DANFOSS 3 WAY BALL VALVE  INT-0902 TYPE NO: ARGUS 3491-0010-59 50 60 INT 0902, KC62-A1 Seal Kit 219-0138, Gas Valve Insert for 24110 Hydac, Set of Seals for Hydac Bladder 326-2440, KFR 3.3.A.2 Cylinder 160F2397, KFR 3.3 Seal Kit 160F2097, KFR 3.3 Piston 160F2339, BRCF 012 B1 Coupling 034E0901, BRCF 012 Indicator Shaft 160N4309, Thrust Cage D55 390-0008, Thrust Washer D55 390-0111, BRCF 002 Coupling 034E3491, BRCF 002 Indicator Shaft 160N4308, BRCF 022 Coupling 034E2621, BRCF 022 Indicator Shaft 160N4310, BRCF 012 Coupling 034E0901, LPU-D Electric Motor 0.24kw 50/60hz 230v Part no: 327-0806, PCB LPU Power Control w/transm, 100V 593-0237, BRCF 032 B1 Seal Kit 160N4260, VPI Bottom part Complete 160G0510, Pump set for LPU 160G4290, PCB LPU Power control with Transmitter 230v 593-0249, BRC 1000 B1 Adapation Kit F07 4K16 (160Z0908), BRC 250 B1 Adaption Kit (160T0320), Damcos 392-0063 Ball Bearing Ø40-52-7, Distance Ring 160G4527, KC 32-A1 Set of Seals 219-0201, BRCF 1000 Disc Spring D125/61 X 6 No. 180131 (231-1582), Damcos Danfoss Packing Set for TC Ver.2 160G0516, Set of Seals for CB/CBF Control Block 160G5012, VPI (BRC/F 250) Gear Ratio 1:0060 (360-0210), VPI C Top Part Mount. 2 160G0422, VPI C Top Part Mount. 4 160G0424, Reed Switch for RLS 181/221 051-1451P, BRC 012 A1 Un-Machined Mounting Kit (Incl Spline Adaptor & Intermediate Flange) 055-2991, KFR 1.2 A1/B1 Set of Seals 160F2099, BHA 0 MK2 Packing Set 9018-1932, BHA 1 MK2 Packing Set 9018-1922, BHA 2 MK2 Packing Set 9018-1982, BHA 3 MK2 Packing Set 9021-7021, BHA 4 MK2 Packing Set 9018-1912, SPU Filter Element DF60 10 Micron 346-0215, SPU Return Filter RFM 10 Micron 346-0211, LPU Wire-B, Press. Switch A-RED 195mm 533-0412, Damcos Quick Connection Male 051-0722, BB-VPI-E 40:1 (40-70ml) 160G4199, Damcos Pilot Valve Type D1 MPV-3 037-7771, BHAG 1 Mk2 Gas Part 250 bar 9021-3901, BHAG 2 Mk2 250 Bar 9021-3961, Cap Nut M5 9016E8991, Threading Bush M5 232-0722, Stud M5 x 175 8/24 165F0773, Sealing Washer 22x17x1.5 208-0053, Felt Disc 24x10x3 046E2951, BRCF 022 Seal Kit Old version 034-2553 (219-0168), Screw M12x50 250-0128, Screw M10x45 251-3889, Set of Seals Hand Pump INT-0210, Bleed Valve 3/8 BSP – 4 Bar 160G5123, Thrust Cage Dia 75 390-0015, Thrust Washer Dia 75 390-0115, Screw M12 x 40 251-1158, Screw M10 x 35 251-1132, Screw M5 x 12 251-1054, Lock Washer Outside Dia 10.5 266-0007, Sealing Washer Dia 22/17×1.5 208-0053, Mounting Set BRC/F 125 UN-Painted Un-Machined 160N1177, Stud M5 x 175 8/24 165F0773, Threaded Bushing M5 232-0722, Cap Nut M5*27*Dia8 9016E8891, Pentiometer Connection Housing  056-3271P, Shaft Seal for P/P P5.5/P8 BO1510283008_R PFGP-22-0030, VPI TC-Block v2 Seal Kit 160G0516, VPI PTC-Block v2 Seal Kit 160G0513, Danfoss Coil 115vac 50/60hz 344-2507,  Relief Valve NG6 0-160 Bar 343-0363, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0050 360-0209, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0100 360-0214, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0200 360-0221, VPI Gear Ratio 1:0540 360-0235, VPI Gear Ratio 1:1000 360-0245, Protection Cap manual override NBR 160L8025, LPU-S Ver 1 Seal Kit 160G4291, BRCF 012 B1 Seal Kit 160G4257, PI 50 010-76 Return Oil Filter 345-1003, Non Return Valve Dia 18 3 Bar RHD 18. PL 343-0005, Non Return Valve Dia 15 – 1 Bar 343-0004, Pressure Switch 25-250 Bar 380-1078, Circlip Internal Dia 105 267-0376, X-Ring 17,75×2.62 202-0031, bearing Set for Electric Motor 112ML PFM0-21-0020, Seal Kit Gear Pump P5.5 320-1261 (320-1003), Filter Element 01.E 60>10VG.30.E.PVA INT-10578, Circuit Board LPU-D-Power-Analo.v2a 160G4585, LPU Motor Capacitor 16uF 160G4510, Pump Set for LPU-D v2 160G8008, Slide for Emergency Valve 160G4635, Slide for Shuttle Valve (Excl 160G6305) 160G4622, Non Return Valve Ø8*13 (90 sho) 2 Groove 160G4254, Double T Watchdog for LPU-Ex T5 160G4267, Sealing Set for LPU-D-Ex v2a 160G4279, Sealing Set for LPU-S-Ex v2 160G4280, Set of Seals for LPUM-D 160G4276, Plug 3/8″ BSP 160G4736 (315-0011) Slide for DPCV incl. Sealing LPU-D v2a 160G4581, Solenoid Valve Bushing-Preassembly 160G4582, Circuit Board LPU-D-Power-ON/OFF v2a *P 160G4584, PLA-E IP68 Valve ContRoller, PLS 160G4026, PLA-V Change Over Valve PLS 4/3 Spring Center 160G4001, PLA-V Change Over Valve PLS 4/2 Indent 160G4002, Slide for Emerg 160G4315, Mounting Set for 160G4026 & 160G4028 (160G9703), Adaptor BR Old – BRC New 160G5000, Angle Gland Cable M16* 1,5 Brass-Nickel 355-0930, Cable Gland, M12 EEX-D (use with 355-0617) 355-0616, Clamping Module, F. Cable Gland 355-0617, DRV-3 Double Release Valve (MS) 105 Bar (Part no: 041-4431), DPI-C-68 N/O M20 Gland 10K 160B4195, Danfoss HP210/230N 13B Externally Operated Valve 2/3 way Straight Seat DN20 NC 042N1017 (Repair Kit 042N0093, 042G8155), Top Cover BRC 002 Part No. 052E4841, BRC 072 Mounting Set 055-3031, Adaption Kit BRC/F 16000 To F16 Valve 160Z0715, KFCM-2 Seal Kit (024-5621) 219-0116, KFCM-3 Seal Kit (024-4242) 219-0117, KFCM-2 Disc Spring 70×35.5×3 231-0588, Circuit Board PCB LPU-P-NET Preas (S & D2a) 160G4629, Coil 230 VAC 50/60HZ 344-2509, KFCM 22 Spring Guide 033D1612 (Pos 5), Set Screw/Cup Point M4 x 4 (251-7026), Damcos Danfoss KFCM 12 Seal Kit  219-0162, Filter Element 10 Micron 345-1051, Return Oil Filter 345-1001, BRCF 022 B1 Bottom Flange  034C2612, Lock Washer  266-0007, Set Screw  M10 x 40  251-7136, Screw M10 x 45  251-3889, Screw M12 x 50  250-0128, Pressure Switch 50-250/350 Bar  380-1003, Pressure Gauge 0-250Bar  380-0606, Selector Switch  517-2271, KFCM 32 Seal Kit 219-0164, KFCM 32 Hand Operation Spindle 034E0192, KFCM 32 Spindle 034D0161, KFCM 32 Cylindrical Roll 4×6 271-1505, KFCM 32 Set Screw 252-1630, KFCM 32 Piston 034D0151, KFCM 32 Cylinder Pin 8×70 271-0246, KFCM 32 Spherical Knob Self locking 234-0848, KFCM 32 Handle 034E0241, KFCM 32 Yoke 034D0202, KFCM 32 Set Screw M6x6 251-6078, KFCM Handle 044-4561, Manometer Valve 1/4″ BSP Straight 343-1176, 160C1537/15 Level Switch 381-0600, 160C1537/29 Pressurestate 20-250 Bar 380-1404, 160C1537/25 Level Switch 381-0661, 160C1537/21 Thermostat PG13,5 KPS 79 383-0210, 160C1537/22 Pressure Transmitter 0-250 Bar 380-1702, Solenoid Valve parts LPU-D v2a 160G9760P, VPI-E Top Part v1 160G0590, BRC 125 Yoke 160B4500, Soft sealing 208-2504, BRC 125 MLC Seal Kit 160N0282, O-Ring 200-0101, Shaft cover with Sight Glass for BRC/BRCF/SC 160N0017, RLS Electrical connection 056-3271P, KC12/22 Bushing 037D4831, KC12/22 Spindle 037D4801, KC12/22 Guiding Pin 037E4911, KC12/22 Shaft 037D4781, Power Supply unit 28V AC / 24V DC, 16A 563-0301, Fuse 1A 525-0106, Fuse 2A 525-0108, Fuse 8A 525-0114, Fuse 3A 525-0109, BRCF 2000 A1 Seal Kit 160N6020, BRCF 8000 A1 Seal Kit 160N6019, Damcos INT-10214 Coupling part Pump/Motor Complete P3 replaces PFFC-10-0022, HPC-3 Non Return Valve Ø8*13 (0.2 Bar) 3 Groove 037-4321, HPC-3 Push/Buffer Rod 037E6261 (037C6191), Damcos Screw M5 x 55 (251-1566), KFR Yoke (KFR/KFM/KF 1) 9022-7981, Programmed EHDC Controller 160G4046, Circuit Board PLB 593-0220, Flexible Hose O.D 12x1m PFFH-10-0031, Flexible Hose O.D 12×0.8m PFFH-10-0032, Yoke for DPI BRC125-250 L=18.0 160B4500, Yoke for DPI BRC500 L=24.50 160B4501, Yoke for DPI BRC1000-2000 L=27.75 160B4503, Pressurestat 1/4″ NO 100 Bar 160G2679 / 380-1476, BB-VPI-C 6103:1 (5600-11000ml) 160G4181, N-Block VPI 90 Gr MS MHPS 160G0503, VPI-V Top v2 160G0586P, De-Airing Plate 043-5421, Filter Breather INT-2408, KFR YOKE (KFR 2.2) L=50.5 9022-8121, KFR/KFM/KF YOKE 9022-7981, BALL 548-0100 (Replaced with 232-0024), Solenoid Seat Valve 2/2 344-2258, LPU-S Power-On/off Circuit Board Preas 160G4503, Cross Plate NG6 A-B – B-A 160G2075, Screw M12 x 45 251-0159, Set Screw Cup Point M12 x 40 251-7156, Lock Washer Outside Ø 12.5 266-0008, BRCF 032 Indicator Shaft 160N4311,


Damcos / Danfoss Actuator Seal Kits normally carried in stock as below:


BRC 002 A1 (219-0388), BRC 012 A1 (219-0389), BRC 032 A1 (219-0311), BRC 052 A1 (219-0312), BRC 250 B1 (160N1260),

BRC500 B1 (160N1261), BRC 1000 B1 (160N1262), BRC 2000 B1 (160N1263), BRC 4000 B1 (160N1264), BRC 8000 B1 (160N1265), BRC 16000 B1 (160N1266)

BHA 2 MK2 9018-1892 Packing Set/Seal Kit , BHA 4 MK2 9018-1912 Packing Set/Seal Kit, BHA 5 MK2 9018-3893 Packing Set/Seal kit, BHA 1 MK2 9018-1922 Packing Set/Seal Kit, BHA 0 9018-1932 Packing Set/Seal Kit, Nordisk BHAG 1 Mark 2 Packing set/Seal Kit 9021-4292

BRCF 2000 B1 (160N6028), BRCF 250 B1 (160N6025), BRCF 2000 B1 (160N6028), BRCF 250 B1 (160N6025), BRCF 012 B1 (160G4257), BRCF 2000 A1 160N6020, BRCF 8000 A1 160N6019

BRC 4000 B1 (160N1264), BRC 8000 B1 (160N1265)


KFCM 22 A1 (219-0163), BRCF 125 B1 FO (160N6032), KFCM 2 219-0116 (024-5621) KFR 1 A1/B1 160F2099


Damcos/Danfoss KC22-A1 Seal Kit (219-0200) comprising of: 200-0103 O-Ring, 200-0137 O-Ring, 200-0148 O-Ring, 200-0150 O-Ring, 200-0151 O-Ring, 200-0183 O-Ring, 200-0155 O-Ring, 200-0195 O-Ring, 200-0158 O-Ring, 202-0023 X-Ring, 207-0011 Wiper Form A, 211-2116 Shaft Sealing Ring, 200-2951 O-Ring, 202-0072 X-Ring.


Product Data Sheets:

Motor:Pump unit 9027-0911P 9026D1341

Danfoss BRC 002 – A1 Parts List

Damcos Danfoss BRC 002-A1 Data sheet SD 0103-2E01 Oct.1992 

Danfoss BRC 012 – A1 Parts List

Damcos Danfoss BRC 012-A1 Data sheet SD 0104-2E01 Oct.1992

Danfoss Damcos BRC 012-A1. data sheet SI 0100-5E01

Damcos Danfoss BRC 012 – A1. Parts List 051P4252

Damcos : Danfoss BRC-012:180 Parts list

BRC 022 A1

Damcos : Danfoss BRC 022 – A1 Parts list & Drawing 051P2321

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 002 B1 Actuator Drawing

BRCF 002-B1 Parts list

BRCF 002-B1. data sheet SI 0300-5E01

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 012 A1 Assembly Drawing 034C0831

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 012 A1 Parts list & Drawing 034P083

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 012 B1 Parts list & Drawing 160N4008

BRCF 012 B1 Drawing 160N9201

BRCF-012-B1 Parts list

BRCF 012-B1 Data

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 014-L1 for LPU-PLA. 160N4074 psm.list

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 024 B1 Parts list & Drawing 160N4036

Danfoss BRCF 022 B1 Page 1

Danfoss BRCF 022 B1 Page 2

Danfoss BRCF 022 B1 Diagram

Danfoss BRCF 022 A1 Parts list

Damcos : Danfoss BRC 032 – A1 Parts list & Drawing 051B2481

Damcos BRC 1000 Diagram-Parts

BRC 1000 B1 ACTUATOR Parts list & Drawing

Damcos Actuator BRC 2000 B1 parts list & Drawing 160N1101

BRCF-2000-A1 Parts list

Damcos Cartridge based control block system BRC and BRCF Actuators SD3000-0E03_

BHH and BL Series Hydraulic Actuators

KC Linear Actuator KC32, 42, 52

Danfoss Damcos KC62-A1 Data sheet SD 1100-2E03[1]

Danfoss Damcos KC 62-A1 Parts list 160F3009

Danfoss Damcos KC 62-A1 assembly drawing 160F9007

Damcos KC600, KC65, KC125, KC250, KC325 and KC400 SD 1100-3E05 KC 65-600

Hydraulic Actuator KC12 : 22 pdf

Danfoss KFR 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.0, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.0.P B1. assembly .drawing 160M0447[1]

Danfoss Damcos Actuator KFR 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.0, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.0.P B1 Parts list 160F2026

Damcos-Danfoss KFR 1-2 Actuator assembly drawing 160F9019

Damcos – Danfoss KFR 1.2. Parts List 160F2003

Danfoss KFR 3.3 A2. psm.list 160F2022[1]

Danfoss KFR 3. ass.drawing 160F9022[1]

Nordisk Marine Hydraulik BHA

Nordisk Marine BHA 0 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 1 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 2 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 3 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 4 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 5 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 6 Mk2 parts list

Nordisk Marine BHA 7 Mk2 parts list

BHA 0, BHA 1, BHA 2, BHA 3, BHA4, BHA 5 Drawing

BHA-1 Mk2 9018-1942 Parts list

BHAG Mk2 Gas Part 9021-3901 & 9021-3961 

BRCF 032 for LPU. ass.drawing 160N9228[2]

BRC 032 

BRC 032 – A1 Parts list & Assembly Drawing 051B2481

BRCF 032-B1. Parts list & Assembly drawing 160N4011

BRC 2000 Diagram-parts

Danfoss / Damcos BRC 012/180 (052-7451) Diagram & Parts list

BRCF 250 : 500 A1, B1, FC & FO Assembly Drawing 160N9267

Damcos BRC 250 B1, 500 B1, 1000 B1 , 2000 B1, 4000 B1 Seal Kits : Set of Seals pdf

Damcos Danfoss Actuator BRC 250 B1 Parts list 160N1098

Damcos Actuator BRC 4000 B1 Parts list & Assembly Drawing 160N1102

Damcos Actuator BRC 8000 B1 Parts list & Assembly Drawing 160N1103

Damcos Danfoss BRCF 250 B1 Parts list & Drawing

SD 0303-2E07 BRCF 500

Damcos BRCF 1000 B1 Parts list

Damcos BRCF 1000 B1 Diagram 160N9262[1]

Damcos : Danfoss LPU Service Manual.BRC 052, 072 , 092 A1pdf

Damcos Danfoss BRC-052-A1 Data sheet

Damcos : Danfoss BRC 052-A1 Parts list & Drawing

BRC 052. ass.drawing 051B394x[2]

BRC-072 Data sheet

Damcos : Danfoss BRC 072-A1 Actuator Parts list & Drawing

BRC 072. ass.drawing 051B4481 (051-4481)

Shaft cover with sight glass for BRC:BRCF actuators

Shaft cover for BRC:BRCF actuators

Damcos BRCF HT

Danfoss VPI Drawing & parts list

Damcos VPI V Top v2 160G0466 , 160G0586P

Danfoss CPI 302-0-68. parts list:Drawing 160B4009[1]

CPI-RLS assembly drawing 160U2275

Damcos Danfoss KFCM-3

KFCM-2 Packing Set 219-0116 (024-5621)

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 12-A1 Parts List 033P121

KFCM 12-A1. psm.list 160F1002

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 22-A1 Parts list & Drawing 160F1003

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 22-A1 Parts list & Drawing 033P156

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 32-A1 Parts list 042P651

KFCM 32-A1. psm.list 160F1004

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 42-A1 Parts list 160F1005

Damcos : Danfoss KFCM 52-A1 Parts List & Drawing 052P038

Damcos :Danfoss KFCM 52-A1 Parts List & Drawing 160F1006

Damcos Danfoss KFCM 12, 22, 32, 42, 52 Actuators

Damcos Danfoss KLS Indicator SD 2602-0E02 Oct.1992

DamcosTM DRLV-3 and SRLV-3 Double and Single Pressure Reduction Valve DRLV-3 and SRLV-3


Green Oil Technology Leaflet

LPU-S for Damcos:Danfoss single-acting spring operated actuators SD_1501-2E02

DANFOSS 3 WAY BALL VALVE INT-0902 TYPE NO ARGUS 3491 0010 59 50 60 INT 0902

160G4161 BB-VPI-E

Danfoss : Damcos KFCM-2 Drawing

160G4100 LPU Specs & Drawing[2]

LPU-D Power Unit

Spare parts for LPU

Damcos Danfoss LPU-S Seal Kit 160G4291

LPU Tryktank 540ccm KFR Actuators 160G9250

Damcos Danfoss TR-3 Throttle Block SD 3201-2E01

Damcos PR 5515 Indicator SD_8614-2E01

Danfoss PLA-E IP68 Data sheet

Danfoss HP230N 042N1017, 042N0093 Kit, 042G8155 Set

Damcos Danfoss DPHS PHS and P3

CS-3 A1 Mounting Block

Damcos 380-0606 Pressure gauge

Damcos Accumulator Rack


Damcos Danfoss HPC-3 Control Block

MPV-3 A1 037D7751.HL3

Danfoss RO Parts list part codes





Damcos Emerson MAS2600 (IPH Marine Automation) : 8-M26G20-20-0/0P (MAS2600 7mWG with 20m Cable), 8-M26G20-15-0/0P (MAS2600 7mWG with 15m Cable), 8-M26G20-10-0/0P (MAS2600 7mWG with 10m Cable) MAS2600 Calibrator Kit 8-DPI802P CAL KIT, 8-M26G30-10-0/0P Damcos MAS2600 16mWG with 10Mtrs Cable, MAS2600-G20-06-1/1P, MAS2600-G20-14-4/1P, MAS2600-G20-06-4/1P, Damcos MAS2600 G20-05-0/3P (Part No 8-M26G20-05-0/0P MAS2600 7mWG with 05m Cable G20 Tank contents Transmitter), MAS2600 16mWG with 35Mtrs of Cable (Part No: 8-M26G30-35-0/0P) MAS2600 7mWG with 10mtrs of cable 8-M26-G20-10-0/0P ( MAS2600-G20-07-4/1P), MAS 2600-G40-45-6/1P ( 8-M26G40-XX-6/1P), MAS2600-G30-20-1/2P, MAS 2600 Amplifier 8- Ranges including Mount 165B9160, Bracket for internal mounting 8-M26000-00-1/00


Emerson Damcos MAS2600 Info


Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-5 Unknown   849

DPI802P MAS2600 Calibration Kit

MAS2600 Mounting Accessories


Marine-Industry-About-US-History (IPH Marine Automation)

Damcos MAS2600 Electronic Tank Level Gauging

Damcos MAS 2600 Tank contents transmitter

Damcos Mas2600 installation : user manual

Damcos MAS2600 Analog Indicators

Damcos MAS G048 Inclinometer


DSC_0069 IPH Marine Automation 2600 PCB




Emerson Process Mangement/Damcos actuator

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icona_medana_contatti_negatMedana & Visca s.r.l.
Medana & Visca s.r.l. are manufacturing valves and actuators for marine, chemical, petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Off-shore appliance since 1951.The manfacture applies the most advanced technologies and a codified quality assurance system, suitable to satify any demand concerning important plants and special qualifications.Since 1995 Medana & Visca s.r.l. has Q.A. System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 (certificate DD 2002 MI PP 16-B1-1/2/3 2002 MM PP 16) and are qualified to test valves produced under inspection of Registro Italiano Navale (consent n. 2010/MI/01/114-1) as well as Italian Navy certificate (Marina Militare Italiana), RINA, Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Medana & Visca Actuators:









RS.10A/E18F1F11W  Medana & Visca RS.10A/E18F1F11W Actuator Drawing







RS.35G/E18F1H1AW+ RL.52/KF14F030

RS.41I/E18F1H1AW + RL.52/KF16F036

RS.43F/E18F1H1AW + RL.60/KF16F041

RS.47G/E18F1H1AW + RL.60/KF16F046


Medana & Visca Electric Kit / Positioner / Indicator:









Potentiometer Kit H.138/KD50NB1W

Medana & Visca H.138:KD50NB1W Linear Indicator data sheet


Medana & Visca Valve Block:

W.775/ES/040, W.775/ES/045, W.775/ES/058, W.775/ES/066, W.775/ES/091, W.775/S/050,

W.775/S/040, W.775/S/058, W.775/S/080

Medana W.775 Block Drawing

Medana & Visca W.775:ES:040 Control Block

Medana & Visca W.775:ES:040 Control Block Image

W.775:ES:040 Control Block



Medana & Visca Actuator Seal Kit:



RS.35/KGUA, RS.41/KGUA, RS.43/KGUA, H.139/M/KGUA


Medana & Visca Valve Block Seal Kit:

W.775/ES/06KIT, W.775/S/06KIT, W.775/S/10KIT


Medana & Visca Electric Kit / Positioner / Indicator Seal Kits:



RL.33/KIT.DW, RL.33/KIT.DZ, H.138/KD01KIT







Marine Valves & Actuators

We supply a comprehensive range of valves & actuators for use in the offshore & marine industry. We select our products from a range of leading manufacturers, and base our offerings on performance, reliability, quality and economy. Damcos (Superfos) also available.

This leaflet highlights a few of the more popular products.