Level and Flow Controls

MOBREY LEVEL CONTROLS (Bestobell, KDG, Solartron, Mobrey, ERAB)


The selection of the correct Level Switch in each application is critical, which is why Mobrey (Bestobell, KDG, Solartron, Mobrey, ERAB) offers a choice of technologies and products. including the original Mobrey float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches and ultrasonic gap sensors and switches.

Mobrey also has a complete range of continuous liquid level control products and technologies including ultrasonic non-contact, microwave radar, hydrostatic, displacer & submersible level transmitters, and self powered contents & magnetic level gauges with outputs including 4-20mA, HART, fieldbus communications and local relay control.

We can supply the complete Mobrey (Bestobell, KDG, Solarton, Mobrey, ERAB) range of products so please feel free to send us your enquiries.




Models include but not limited to:


Mobrey Float Level Switch General Purpose: S01DB/F68/1, S01/F19 (SO1/F19) S01DB/F84, Mobrey S01DB/F93, S01DB/F21/1, S01DB/F68/4, S01DB/F93, S01AMA/F68/4, S01APA/F84, S01DB/F264, S01D8/F264, S01D6B/F84, S01P6B/F84, S01PB/F68/1 S01DB/F185, S01DB/F104/1, S01DF83, S01/F83, S01DB/F93, S01D/F185,  Plus all the Mobrey S01 Range including obsolete Models S01D/F103, S01D/F07, S16D/F19, S16/F74, S179D/F103, S16D/70622/50, SO1/F83, S01D/F83, S01D/F85, S01DF85, S01D/F185, S01D/F04, S179D6B/70602/119, 70800/501, 70800/333, 70800/1095, 70809/107, 70809/58, 70809/30, 70800/1230, S01DB/F68/1, S16/F19 Obsolete but replacement available


Besta vs Mobrey comparison

Bestobell Mobrey 2129 Level Switch 

Bestobell Mobrey 2129 Level Switch

Bestobell Mobrey 2129 Magnetic Level Switch


prod-rmt-1-float-level-switchimageshlr-system-econosto-sync-01_fotos-publicatie-8401f93imgresimages-1S359:F95 Level Switch

Houdec (Mobrey) Horizontal Level Switch Reed Models: S355/F95, S356/F95, S359/F95


Mobrey Float Level ‘M’ Switch: SMA1, SMA2, SMB1, SMB2, SMD1, SMD2 Mobrey SMN1, SMN2

Mobrey Magnetic Level Switch ‘M’ Series. Mobrey M-Switch Float Operated Liquid Level Switch IP116. Data sheet

Mobrey SMD1 Image

Mobrey SMD1



Mobrey Float Level Switch: S36DA/F84, S36DA/F68/1, S250DA/F84, S16D/70622/50, S16D/F74, S16D/F93, S424DA/F96, S36AMA/F185, S36APA/F84, S190DA/F93, S190APA/F93, S190AMA/F93, S417B6A/F88, S418DA/F84, S419DA/F68, S424APA/F68/1,S36B6A/F21/1, S01/F83, S01APA/F84, S01APA/F83 Plus all the Composite Flange Construction Float Level Switches 316SS


Mobrey Hoseproof & Submersible Level Switches:

Mobrey S03 Submersible Range (SO3): S03DBL/84, S03DBL/F21/1, S03DBL/F21/2, S03DBL/F21/3, S03DBL/F68/1, S03DBL/F68/4, S03DBL/F84, S03DBL/F93, S03DBL/F104/1, S03DBL/F104/2, S03DBL/F104/3, S03DBL/F185, S03DBL/F264,S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F21/1, S03PBL/F21/2, S03PBL/F21/3, S03PBL/F68/1, S03PBL/F68/4, S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F93, S03PBL/F104/1, S03PBL/F104/2, S03PBL/F104/3, S03PBL/F185, S03PBL/F264, S03P6BL/F84, S03P6BL/F21/1, S03P6BL/F21/2, S03P6BL/F21/3, S03P6BL/F68/1, S03P6BL/F68/4, S03P6BL/F84, S03P6BL/F93, S03P6BL/F104/1, S03P6BL/F104/2, S03P6BL/F104/3, S03P6BL/F185, S03P6BL/F264,S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F21/1, S03PBL/F21/2, S03PBL/F21/3, S03PBL/F68/1, S03PBL/F68/4, S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F93, S03PBL/F104/1, S03PBL/F104/2, S03PBL/F104/3, S03PBL/F185, S03PBL/F264.


Mobrey S179 Hose Proof Range: S179DB/F84, S179DB/F21/1, S179DB/F21/2, S179DB/F21/3, S179DB/F68/1, S179DB/F93, S179DB/F104/1, S179DB/F104/2, S179DB/F104/3, S179DB/F185, S179DB/F264, S179PB/F84, S179PB/F21/1, S179PB/F21/2, S179PB/F21/3, S179PB/F68/1, S179PB/F93, S179PB/F104/1, S179PB/F104/2, S179PB/F104/3, S179PB/F185, S179PB/F264, S179D6B/F84, S179D6B/F21/1, S179D6B/F21/2, S179D6B/F21/3, S179D6B/F68/1, S179D6B/F93, S179D6B/F104/1, S179D6B/F104/2, S179D6B/F104/3, S179D6B/F185, S179D6B/F264, S179P6B/F84, S179P6B/F21/1, S179P6B/F21/2, S179P6B/F21/3, S179P6B/F68/1, S179P6B/F93, S179P6B/F104/1, S179P6B/F104/2, S179P6B/F104/3, S179P6B/F185, S179P6B/F264


Mobrey S195  Submersible Range: S195DBL/F21/1, S195DBL/F21/2, S195DBL/F21/3, S195DBL/F68/1, S195DBL/F68/4, S195DBL/F84, S195DBL/F93, S195DBL/F104/1, S195DBL/F104/2, S195DBL/F104/3, S195DBL/F185, S195DBL/F264, S181D/F68/1, S189DB/F84, S195PBL/F21/1, S195PBL/F21/2, S195PBL/F21/3, S195PBL/F68/1, S195PBL/F68/4, S195PBL/F84, S195PBL/F93, S195PBL/F104/1, S195PBL/F104/2, S195PBL/F104/3, S195BL/F185, S195PBL/F264, S195D6BL/F21/1, S195D6BL/F21/2, S195D6BL/F21/3, S195D6BL/F68/1, S195D6BL/F68/4, S195D6BL/F84, S195D6BL/F93, S195D6BL/F104/1, S195D6BL/F104/2, S195D6BL/F104/3, S195D6BL/F185, S195D6BL/F264, S195P6BL/F21/1, S195P6BL/F21/2, S195P6BL/F21/3, S195P6BL/F68/1, S195P6BL/F68/4, S195P6BL/F84, S195P6BL/F93, S195P6BL/F104/1, S195P6BL/F104/2, S195P6BL/F104/3, S195P6BL/F185, S195P6BL/F264


Mobrey S163 Submersible Range:  S163DL/F21/1, S163DL/F21/2, S163DL/F21/3, S163DL/F68/1, S163DL/F68/4, S163DL/F84, S163DL/F93, S163DL/F104/1, S163DL/F104/2, S163DL/F104/3, S163DL/F185, S163DL/F264, S163PL/F21/1, S163PL/F21/2, S163PL/F21/3, S163PL/F68/1, S163PL/F68/4, S163PL/F84, S163PL/F93, S163PL/F104/1, S163PL/F104/2, S163PL/F104/3, S163PL/F185, S163PL/F264


Mobrey S181 Hose Proof Range:  S181D/F21/1, S181DF21/2, S181D/F21/3, S181D/F68/1, S181D/F68/4, S181D/F84, S181D/F93, S181D/F104/1, S181D/F104/2, S181D/F104/3, S181D/F185, S181D/F264, S181P/F21/1, S181P/F21/2, S181P/F21/3, S181P/F68/1, S181P/F68/4, S181P/F84, S181P/F93, S181P/F104/1, S181P/F104/2, S181P/F104/3, S181P/F185, S181P/F264


Mobrey S183  Hazard Submersible Range:  S183DBL/F21/1, S183DBL/F21/2, S183DBL/F21/3, S183DBL/F68/1, S183DBL/F68/4, S183DBL/F84, S183DBL/F93, S183DBL/F104/1, S183DBL/F104/2, S183DBL/F104/3, S183DBL/F185, S183DBL/F264, S183PBL/F21/1, S183PBL/F21/2, S183PBL/F21/3, S183PBL/F68/1, S183PBL/F68/4, S183PBL/F84, S183PBL/F93, S183PBL/F104/1, S183PBL/F104/2, S183PBL/F104/3, S183PBL/F185, S183PBL/F264, S183DBL/F21/1, S183D6BL/F21/2, S183D6BL/F21/3, S183D6BL/F68/1, S183D6BL/F68/4, S183D6BL/F84, S183D6BL/F93, S183D6BL/F104/1, S183D6BL/F104/2, S183D6BL/F104/3, S183D6BL/F185, S183D6BL/F264, S183P6BL/F21/2, S183P6BL/F21/3, S183P6BL/F68/1, S183P6BL/F68/4, S183P6BL/F84, S183P6BL/F93, S183P6BL/F104/1, S183P6BL/F104/2, S183P6BL/F104/3, S183P6BL/F185, S183P6BL/F264,


Mobrey S187 Hazard Submersible Range:  S187DBL/F21/1, S187DBL/F21/2, S187DBL/F21/3, S187DBL/F68/1, S187DBL/F68/4, S187DBL/F84, S187DBL/F93, S187DBL/F104/1, S187DBL/F104/2, S187DBL/F104/3, S187DBL/F185, S187DBL/F264, S187PBL/F21/1, S187PBL/F21/2, S187PBL/F21/3, S187PBL/F68/1, S187PBL/F68/4, S187PBL/F84, S187PBL/F93, S187PBL/F104/1, S187PBL/F104/2, S187PBL/F104/3, S187PBL/F185, S187PBL/F264, S187DBL/F21/1, S187D6BL/F21/2, S187D6BL/F21/3, S187D6BL/F68/1, S187D6BL/F68/4, S187D6BL/F84, S187D6BL/F93, S187D6BL/F104/1, S187D6BL/F104/2, S187D6BL/F104/3, S187D6BL/F185, S187D6BL/F264, S187P6BL/F21/2, S187P6BL/F21/3, S187P6BL/F68/1, S187P6BL/F68/4, S187P6BL/F84, S187P6BL/F93, S187P6BL/F104/1, S187P6BL/F104/2, S187P6BL/F104/3, S187P6BL/F185, S187P6BL/F264


Mobrey S189 Hazard Hose Proof Range:  S189DB/F84, S189DB/F21/1, S189DB/F21/2, S189DB/F21/3, S189DB/F68/1, S189DB/F93, S189DB/F104/1, S189DB/F104/2, S189DB/F104/3, S189DB/F185, S189DB/F264, S189PB/F84, S189PB/F21/1, S189PB/F21/2, S189PB/F21/3, S189PB/F68/1, S189PB/F93, S189PB/F104/1, S189PB/F104/2, S189PB/F104/3, S189PB/F185, S189PB/F264, S189D6B/F84, S189D6B/F21/1, S189D6B/F21/2, S189D6B/F21/3, S189D6B/F68/1, S189D6B/F93, S189D6B/F104/1, S189D6B/F104/2, S189D6B/F104/3, S189D6B/F185, S189D6B/F264, S189P6B/F84, S189P6B/F21/1, S189P6B/F21/2, S189P6B/F21/3, S189P6B/F68/1, S189P6B/F93, S189P6B/F104/1, S189P6B/F104/2, S189P6B/F104/3, S189P6B/F185, S189P6B/F264 Plus the full range



Mobrey Flameproof / Explosion Proof Composite Flange Level Switches,

Mobrey S250 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S250DA/F21/1, S250DA/F21/2, S250DA/F21/3, S250DA/F68/1, S250DA/F68/4, S250DA/F84, S250DA/F88, S250DA/F96, S250DA/F98, S250DA/F104/1, S250DA/F104/2, S250DA/F104/3, S250DA/F106, S250DA/F107, S250DA/F185, S250DA/F264.
S250DAX/F21/1, S250DAX/F21/2, S250DAX/F21/3, S250DAX/F68/1, S250DAX/F68/4, S250DAX/F84, S250DA/F88, S250DAX/F96, S250DAX/F98, S250DAX/F104/1, S250DAX/F104/2, S250DAX/F104/3, S250DAX/F106, S250DAX/F107, S250DAX/F185, S250DAX/F264.
S250DG/F21/1, S250DG/F21/2, S250DG/F21/3, S250DG/F68/1, S250DG/F68/4, S250DG/F84, S250DG/F88, S250DG/F96, S250DG/F98, S250DG/F104/1, S250DG/F104/2, S250DG/F104/3, S250DG/F106, S250DG/F107, S250DG/F185, S250DG/F264.
S250DGX/F21/1, S250DGX/F21/2, S250DGX/F21/3, S250DGX/F68/1, S250DGX/F68/4, S250DGX/F84, S250DGX/F88, S250DGX/F96, S250DGX/F98, S250DGX/F104/1, S250DGX/F104/2, S250DGX/F104/3, S250DGX/F106, S250DGX/F107, S250DGX/F185, S250DGX/F264.
S250PA/F21/1, S250PA/F21/2, S250PA/F21/3, S250PA/F68/1, S250PA/F68/4, S250PA/F84, S250PA/F88, S250PA/F96, S250PA/F98, S250PA/F104/1, S250PA/F104/2, S250PA/F104/3, S250PA/F106, S250PA/F107, S250PA/F185, S250PA/F264.
S250PAX/F21/1, S250PAX/F21/2, S250PAX/F21/3, S250PAX/F68/1, S250PAX/F68/4, S250PAX/F84, S250PAX/F88, S250PAX/F96, S250PAX/F98, S250PAX/F104/1, S250PAX/F104/2, S250AX/F104/3, S250PAX/F106, S250PAX/F107, S250PAX/F185, S250PAX/F264.
S250PG/F21/1, S250PG/F21/2, S250PG/F21/3, S250PG/F68/1, S250PG/F68/4, S250PG/F84, S250PG/F88, S250PG/F96, S250PG/F98, S250PG/F104/1, S250PG/F104/2, S250PG/F104/3, S250PG/F106, S250PG/F107, S250PG/F185, S250PG/F264.
S250PGX/F21/1, S250PGX/F21/2, S250PGX/F21/3, S250PGX/F68/1, S250PGX/F68/4, S250PGX/F84, S250PGX/F88, S250PGX/F96, S250PGX/F98, S250PGX/F104/1, S250PGX/F104/2, S250PGX/F104/3, S250PGX/F106, S250PGX/F107, S250PGX/F185, S250PGX/F264.
S250D6A/F21/1, S250D6A/F21/2, S250D6A/F21/3, S250D6A/F68/1, S250D6A/F68/4, S250D6A/F84, S250D6A/F88, S250D6A/F96, S250D6A/F98, S250D6A/F104/1, S250D6A/F104/2, S250D6A/F104/3, S250D6A/F106, S250D6A/F107, S250D6A/F185, S250D6A/F264.
S250D6AX/F21/1, S250D6AX/F21/2, S250D6AX/F21/3, S250D6AX/F68/1, S250D6AX/F68/4, S250D6AX/F84, S250D6A/F88, S250D6AX/F96, S250D6AX/F98, S250D6AX/F104/1, S250D6AX/F104/2, S250D6AX/F104/3, S250D6AX/F106, S250D6AX/F107, S250D6AX/F185, S250D6AX/F264.
S250D6G/F21/1, S250D6G/F21/2, S250D6G/F21/3, S250D6G/F68/1, S250D6G/F68/4, S250D6G/F84, S250D6G/F88, S250D6G/F96, S250D6G/F98, S250D6G/F104/1, S250D6G/F104/2, S250D6G/F104/3, S250D6G/F106, S250D6G/F107, S250D6G/F185, S250D6G/F264.
S250D6GX/F21/1, S250D6GX/F21/2, S250D6GX/F21/3, S250D6GX/F68/1, S250D6GX/F68/4, S250D6GX/F84, S250D6GX/F88, S2506DGX/F96, S250D6GX/F98, S250D6GX/F104/1, S250D6GX/F104/2, S250D6GX/F104/3, S250D6GX/F106, S250D6GX/F107, S250D6GX/F185, S250D6GX/F264.
S250P6A/F21/1, S250P6A/F21/2, S250P6A/F21/3, S250P6A/F68/1, S250P6A/F68/4, S250P6A/F84, S250P6A/F88, S250P6A/F96, S250P6A/F98, S250P6A/F104/1, S250P6A/F104/2, S250P6A/F104/3, S250P6A/F106, S250P6A/F107, S250P6A/F185, S250P6A/F264.
S250P6AX/F21/1, S250P6AX/F21/2, S250P6AX/F21/3, S250P6AX/F68/1, S250P6AX/F68/4, S250P6AX/F84, S250P6A/F88, S250P6AX/F96, S250P6AX/F98, S250P6AX/F104/1, S250P6AX/F104/2, S250P6AX/F104/3, S250P6AX/F106, S250P6AX/F107, S250P6AX/F185, S250P6AX/F264.
S250P6G/F21/1, S250P6G/F21/2, S250P6G/F21/3, S250P6G/F68/1, S250P6G/F68/4, S250P6G/F84, S250P6G/F88, S250P6G/F96, S250P6G/F98, S250P6G/F104/1, S250P6G/F104/2, S250P6G/F104/3, S250P6G/F106, S250P6G/F107, S250P6G/F185, S250P6G/F264.
S250P6GX/F21/1, S250P6GX/F21/2, S250P6GX/F21/3, S250P6GX/F68/1, S250P6GX/F68/4, S250P6GX/F84, S250P6GX/F88, S250P6GX/F96, S250P6GX/F98, S250P6GX/F104/1, S250P6GX/F104/2, S250P6GX/F104/3, S250P6GX/F106, S250P6GX/F107, S250P6GX/F185, S250P6GX/F264.
Mobrey S251 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S251DA/F21/1, S251DA/F21/2, S251DA/F21/3, S251DA/F68/1, S251DA/F68/4, S251DA/F84, S251DA/F88, S251DA/F96, S251DA/F98, S210DA/F104/1, S251DA/F104/2, S251DA/F104/3, S251DA/F106, S251DA/F107, S251DA/F185, S251DA/F264.
S251DAX/F21/1, S251DAX/F21/2, S251DAX/F21/3, S251DAX/F68/1, S251DAX/F68/4, S251DAX/F84, S251DA/F88, S251DAX/F96, S251DAX/F98, S251DAX/F104/1, S251DAX/F104/2, S251DAX/F104/3, S251DAX/F106, S251DAX/F107, S251DAX/F185, S251DAX/F264.
S251DG/F21/1, S251DG/F21/2, S251DG/F21/3, S251DG/F68/1, S251DG/F68/4, S251DG/F84, S251DG/F88, S251DG/F96, S251DG/F98, S251DG/F104/1, S251DG/F104/2, S251DG/F104/3, S251DG/F106, S251DG/F107, S251DG/F185, S251DG/F264.
S251DGX/F21/1, S251DGX/F21/2, S251DGX/F21/3, S251DGX/F68/1, S251DGX/F68/4, S251DGX/F84, S251DGX/F88, S251DGX/F96, S251DGX/F98, S251DGX/F104/1, S251DGX/F104/2, S251DGX/F104/3, S251DGX/F106, S251DGX/F107, S251DGX/F185, S251DGX/F264.
S251PA/F21/1, S251PA/F21/2, S251PA/F21/3, S251PA/F68/1, S251PA/F68/4, S251PA/F84, S251PA/F88, S251PA/F96, S251PA/F98, S251PA/F104/1, S251PA/F104/2, S251PA/F104/3, S251PA/F106, S251PA/F107, S251PA/F185, S251PA/F264.
S251PAX/F21/1, S251PAX/F21/2, S251PAX/F21/3, S251PAX/F68/1, S251PAX/F68/4, S251PAX/F84, S251PAX/F88, S251PAX/F96, S251PAX/F98, S251PAX/F104/1, S251PAX/F104/2, S251AX/F104/3, S251PAX/F106, S251PAX/F107, S251PAX/F185, S251PAX/F264.
S251PG/F21/1, S251PG/F21/2, S251PG/F21/3, S251PG/F68/1, S251PG/F68/4, S251PG/F84, S251PG/F88, S251PG/F96, S251PG/F98, S251PG/F104/1, S251PG/F104/2, S251PG/F104/3, S251PG/F106, S251PG/F107, S251PG/F185, S251PG/F264.
S251PGX/F21/1, S251PGX/F21/2, S251PGX/F21/3, S251PGX/F68/1, S251PGX/F68/4, S251PGX/F84, S251PGX/F88, S251PGX/F96, S251PGX/F98, S251PGX/F104/1, S251PGX/F104/2, S251PGX/F104/3, S251PGX/F106, S251PGX/F107, S251PGX/F185, S251PGX/F264.
S251D6A/F21/1, S251D6A/F21/2, S251D6A/F21/3, S251D6A/F68/1, S251D6A/F68/4, S251D6A/F84, S251D6A/F88, S251D6A/F96, S251D6A/F98, S251D6A/F104/1, S251D6A/F104/2, S251D6A/F104/3, S251D6A/F106, S251D6A/F107, S251D6A/F185, S251D6A/F264.
S251D6AX/F21/1, S251D6AX/F21/2, S251D6AX/F21/3, S251D6AX/F68/1, S251D6AX/F68/4, S251D6AX/F84, S251D6A/F88, S251D6AX/F96, S251D6AX/F98, S251D6AX/F104/1, S251D6AX/F104/2, S251D6AX/F104/3, S251D6AX/F106, S251D6AX/F107, S251D6AX/F185, S251D6AX/F264.
S251D6G/F21/1, S251D6G/F21/2, S251D6G/F21/3, S251D6G/F68/1, S251D6G/F68/4, S251D6G/F84, S251D6G/F88, S251D6G/F96, S251D6G/F98, S251D6G/F104/1, S251D6G/F104/2, S251D6G/F104/3, S251D6G/F106, S251D6G/F107, S251D6G/F185, S251D6G/F264.
S251D6GX/F21/1, S251D6GX/F21/2, S251D6GX/F21/3, S251D6GX/F68/1, S251D6GX/F68/4, S251D6GX/F84, S251D6GX/F88, S251D6GX/F96, S251D6GX/F98, S251D6GX/F104/1, S251D6GX/F104/2, S251D6GX/F104/3, S251D6GX/F106, S251D6GX/F107, S251D6GX/F185, S251D6GX/F264.
S251P6A/F21/1, S251P6A/F21/2, S251P6A/F21/3, S251P6A/F68/1, S251P6A/F68/4, S251P6A/F84, S251P6A/F88, S251P6A/F96, S251P6A/F98, S251P6A/F104/1, S251P6A/F104/2, S251P6A/F104/3, S251P6A/F106, S251P6A/F107, S251P6A/F185, S251P6A/F264.
S251P6AX/F21/1, S251P6AX/F21/2, S251P6AX/F21/3, S251P6AX/F68/1, S251P6AX/F68/4, S251P6AX/F84, S251P6A/F88, S251P6AX/F96, S251P6AX/F98, S251P6AX/F104/1, S251P6AX/F104/2, S251P6AX/F104/3, S251P6AX/F106, S251P6AX/F107, S251P6AX/F185, S251P6AX/F264.
S251P6G/F21/1, S251P6G/F21/2, S251P6G/F21/3, S251P6G/F68/1, S251P6G/F68/4, S251P6G/F84, S251P6G/F88, S251P6G/F96, S251P6G/F98, S251P6G/F104/1, S251P6G/F104/2, S251P6G/F104/3, S251P6G/F106, S251P6G/F107, S251P6G/F185, S251P6G/F264.
S251P6GX/F21/1, S251P6GX/F21/2, S251P6GX/F21/3, S251P6GX/F68/1, S251P6GX/F68/4, S251P6GX/F84, S251P6GX/F88, S251P6GX/F96, S251P6GX/F98, S251P6GX/F104/1, S251P6GX/F104/2, S251P6GX/F104/3, S251P6GX/F106, S251P6GX/F107, S251P6GX/F185, S251P6GX/F264.
Mobrey S253 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S253DA/F21/1, S253DA/F21/2, S253DA/F21/3, S253DA/F68/1, S253DA/F68/4, S253DA/F84, S253DA/F88, S253DA/F96, S253DA/F98, S253DA/F104/1, S253DA/F104/2, S253DA/F104/3, S253DA/F106, S253DA/F107, S253DA/F185, S253DA/F264.
S253DAX/F21/1, S253DAX/F21/2, S253DAX/F21/3, S253DAX/F68/1, S253DAX/F68/4, S253DAX/F84, S253DA/F88, S253DAX/F96, S253DAX/F98, S253DAX/F104/1, S253DAX/F104/2, S253DAX/F104/3, S253DAX/F106, S253DAX/F107, S253DAX/F185, S253DAX/F264.
S253DG/F21/1, S253DG/F21/2, S253DG/F21/3, S253DG/F68/1, S253DG/F68/4, S253DG/F84, S253DG/F88, S253DG/F96, S253DG/F98, S253DG/F104/1, S253DG/F104/2, S253DG/F104/3, S253DG/F106, S253DG/F107, S253DG/F185, S253DG/F264.
S253DGX/F21/1, S253DGX/F21/2, S253DGX/F21/3, S253DGX/F68/1, S253DGX/F68/4, S253DGX/F84, S253DGX/F88, S253DGX/F96, S253DGX/F98, S253DGX/F104/1, S253DGX/F104/2, S253DGX/F104/3, S253DGX/F106, S253DGX/F107, S253DGX/F185, S253DGX/F264.
S253PA/F21/1, S253PA/F21/2, S253PA/F21/3, S253PA/F68/1, S253PA/F68/4, S253PA/F84, S253PA/F88, S253PA/F96, S253PA/F98, S253PA/F104/1, S253PA/F104/2, S253PA/F104/3, S253PA/F106, S253PA/F107, S253PA/F185, S253PA/F264.
S253PAX/F21/1, S253PAX/F21/2, S253PAX/F21/3, S253PAX/F68/1, S253PAX/F68/4, S253PAX/F84, S253PAX/F88, S253PAX/F96, S253PAX/F98, S253PAX/F104/1, S253PAX/F104/2, S253AX/F104/3, S253PAX/F106, S253PAX/F107, S253PAX/F185, S253PAX/F264.
S253PG/F21/1, S253PG/F21/2, S253PG/F21/3, S253PG/F68/1, S251PG/F68/4, S251PG/F84, S251PG/F88, S251PG/F96, S251PG/F98, S251PG/F104/1, S251PG/F104/2, S251PG/F104/3, S251PG/F106, S251PG/F107, S251PG/F185, S251PG/F264.
S251PGX/F21/1, S251PGX/F21/2, S251PGX/F21/3, S251PGX/F68/1, S251PGX/F68/4, S251PGX/F84, S251PGX/F88, S251PGX/F96, S251PGX/F98, S251PGX/F104/1, S253PGX/F104/2, S253PGX/F104/3, S253PGX/F106, S253PGX/F107, S253PGX/F185, S253PGX/F264.
S253D6A/F21/1, S253D6A/F21/2, S253D6A/F21/3, S253D6A/F68/1, S253D6A/F68/4, S253D6A/F84, S253D6A/F88, S253D6A/F96, S253D6A/F98, S253D6A/F104/1, S253D6A/F104/2, S253D6A/F104/3, S253D6A/F106, S253D6A/F107, S253D6A/F185, S253D6A/F264.
S253D6AX/F21/1, S253D6AX/F21/2, S253D6AX/F21/3, S253D6AX/F68/1, S253D6AX/F68/4, S253D6AX/F84, S253D6A/F88, S253D6AX/F96, S253D6AX/F98, S253D6AX/F104/1, S253D6AX/F104/2, S253D6AX/F104/3, S253D6AX/F106, S253D6AX/F107, S253D6AX/F185, S253D6AX/F264.
S253D6G/F21/1, S253D6G/F21/2, S253D6G/F21/3, S253D6G/F68/1, S253D6G/F68/4, S253D6G/F84, S253D6G/F88, S253D6G/F96, S253D6G/F98, S253D6G/F104/1, S253D6G/F104/2, S253D6G/F104/3, S253D6G/F106, S253D6G/F107, S253D6G/F185, S253D6G/F264.
S253D6GX/F21/1, S253D6GX/F21/2, S253D6GX/F21/3, S253D6GX/F68/1, S253D6GX/F68/4, S253D6GX/F84, S253D6GX/F88, S253D6GX/F96, S253D6GX/F98, S253D6GX/F104/1, S2513
S253P6A/F21/1, S253P6A/F21/2, S253P6A/F21/3, S253P6A/F68/1, S253P6A/F68/4, S253P6A/F84, S253P6A/F88, S253P6A/F96, S253P6A/F98, S253P6A/F104/1, S253P6A/F104/2, S253P6A/F104/3, S253P6A/F106, S253P6A/F107, S253P6A/F185, S253P6A/F264.
S253P6AX/F21/1, S253P6AX/F21/2, S253P6AX/F21/3, S253P6AX/F68/1, S253P6AX/F68/4, S253P6AX/F84, S253P6A/F88, S231P6AX/F96, S253P6AX/F98, S253P6AX/F104/1, S253P6AX/F104/2, S253P6AX/F104/3, S253P6AX/F106, S253P6AX/F107, S253P6AX/F185, S253P6AX/F264.
S253P6G/F21/1, S25136G/F21/2, S253P6G/F21/3, S253P6G/F68/1, S253P6G/F68/4, S253P6G/F84, S253P6G/F88, S253P6G/F96, S253P6G/F98, S253P6G/F104/1, S253P6G/F104/2, S253P6G/F104/3, S253P6G/F106, S253P6G/F107, S253P6G/F185, S253P6G/F264.
S253P6GX/F21/1, S253P6GX/F21/2, S253P6GX/F21/3, S253P6GX/F68/1, S253P6GX/F68/4, S253P6GX/F84, S253P6GX/F88, S253P6GX/F96, S253P6GX/F98, S253P6GX/F104/1, S253P6GX/F104/2, S253P6GX/F104/3, S253P6GX/F106, S253P6GX/F107, S253P6GX/F185, S253P6GX/F264.

Plus the full range of Explosion Proof Composite Flange Construction Float Level Switches.    


Mobrey Vertical Level Controls Floating Roof Tank Alarm Switch, DS20DS7A1D4, DS20DS7A2D4/0, DS20DS7AC1D4U/0, DS21DS7AUH8/0, DS21DS7ACD8U/0, DS21DS7AU1H4  Plus the full range



Mobrey Fabricated Cage / Chambers for Horizontal Level Switch: 144C, 145C, 148C, 150C, 151C, 305C, 306C, 307C, 308C, 145C/0432 Plus the full range.


Mobrey Vertical Level Controls Chamber Mounted, BC12FR7A1D8/133, XS13FS4N2D4/212, BC11F, BC13F,BC14F, BC17D, XC11F, XC12F, XC13F, XC14F, XC7D, BS11F, BS12F, BS13F, BS14F, BS17D, XS11F, XS12F, XS14F, XS7D, BC12FS71U1X8/201 Plus the full range


Mobrey Direct Mounted Displacer Controls / Float Controls, DS12DS4N1D4/61, DS60, DS61,DS62, DS65, DS66, DS67 Plus the full range.



Mobrey Vertical Air Break Control BX & BD Range, BX02/1, BX03/1, BX05/2, BX06/2, BX07/2, BX08/2, BX09/1, BX10/2, BX11/2, BX12/1, BX13/2, BX14/2, BX15/1, BX16/2, BX17/1, BX18/2, BX19/2, B20/2, BX21/2, BX22/2, BX23/1, BX24/2, BX25/2, BX45/1, BX87/1, BX88/2 plus the full range


Mobrey Direct Mounted Boiler Control-Without Test Device: BD01/1, BD02/2, BD03/2, BD04/1, BD05/2, BD06/2, BD07/2, BD08/1, BD09/1, BD10/1, BD11/2, BD, 12/2, BD13/2, BD14/2, BD15/2, BD16/2, BD21/2, BD22/2, BD41/1, BD42/1, BD43/1, BD44/2


Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Chamber Mounted, BXM02/1, BXM03/1, BXM05/2, BXM07/2, BXM09/1, BXM10/2, BXM11/2, BXM12/1, BXM13/2, BXM14/2, BXM15/1, BXM16/2, BXM17/1, BXM18/2, BXM19/2, BXM22/2, BXM23/1, BXM24/2, BXM25/2, BXM45/1 Plus the full range.


Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Direct Mounted-Without test device, BDM01/1, BDM04/1, BDM05/2, BDM06/2


Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Direct Mounted-With test device, BDTM01/1, BDTM02/2, BDTM03/2, BDTM04/1, BDTM05/1


Mobrey Conversion Heads Industrial Vertical Air Break Controls. C62/1, C150/2, C250/2, F62/1, F150/2, F250/2


Mobrey Industrial Vertical Air Break Controls: BDT01/1, BDT02/2, BDT03/2, BTD04/1, BDT05/1


Mobrey Modulating Boiler Controls, 81006, 81008, 80311, 80653, 81660, 81661, 81951, 80436, 80660, 80310, 80311, 80435/1, 80435/2  Plus the full range including components 100-MS6/F263, 102-MS6/F263, 129-MS70/F299, 129-MS71/F300, 133-MS70/F299, 133-MS71/F300, 125-MS71/F301, C250/2, F250/2, 220-MS12/F284, 220-MS16/F284, 24-MS12/F216, 24-MS16/F216 65-MS26/F22, 64-MS26/F280, 125-MS72/F295, 125-MS76/F295, C150/2, 125-MS73/F296, 214-S90/F50, 14-S90/F50, 215-S90/F50, 15-S90/F50, 17-S101/F50, 18-S90/F50, Modulating controls 30310, 30295

Mobrey 80310 : 80311 Diagram 



Mobrey Conversion Heads: CMH/190 (70702/79), FMH/300


, 80938, 80947, 80951, 81390


Mobrey Obscuration Monitor OM80, I2513, I2537, I2538, I2045


Mobrey Squitch 2 Ultrasonic Gap Level Switch, 830SDS0000, 834SDS0000, 835SDS0000, 857SDS0000, SK266, SK267, SK304, SK462 Plus the full range


Mobrey Squing 2 Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch, TD5AS1NAA, TD1ASA, TE, TF, TG, TC, TD1AS1AAH, TD1AS1NRA, TD1AS1EXA, TD5AV1EXA, TD1DS1NDA Pus the full range



Mobrey VLS Vibrating Rod Level Switch, VLSKB131A, VLSHB, VLSHN, VLSKN Plus the full range


Mobrey PLS Rotating Paddle Level Switch, PLSKB131A, PLSH, PLSP, PLST Plus the full range


Mobrey CLS Capacitance Level Switch, CLSKB141A Plus the full range


Mobrey Ultrasonic Sensor: 402SD80, 442SD80


Mobrey Ultrasonic Liquid Detection Level System: 332 SD, 302 SD, 312 S, 312 SY, 323 SY, 393 SD, 352S, 373S, 362 SJ, 30 HS, 39 HS, 389 ST, 366 SJ, 442 SD, 422 SD, 433 SD, 402 SD, 621S, MES3L/1S, MES3L/2S, MES2D/3S

MEP 2L Data. 302 SD pdf.


Mobrey MSP 422 Ultrasonic Transmitter, MSP422-B28, MSP422-N28, MSP-FLG5 Flange


Mobrey MSP400RH Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, MSP400RH-B28, MSP400RH-N28 Carried as a stock item Plus the full range


Mobrey MSP900GH Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, MSP900GH-A Plus the full range


Mobrey MSP900SH Sump Level Transmitter, MCU900S, MCU900F, MSP900SH-A/3 Plus the full range




Mobrey Ultrasonic MSP110, MSP90, MSP90-11-24-C, MSP110 T18F-C, MSP90-21, MSP90-11, MSP110-T72B-C


MSP110 Data sheet


MOBREY MSP110-T72B-C with Bracket

MOBREY MSP110-T72B-C SW047322:M



Mobrey MCU901 Control Units: MCU902, MCU901, MCU90F, MCULOG, MCU901WX-A, MCU901PX-A Plus the full range



Mobrey MCU201 Control Units. MCU 200 Series Controllers MCU201, MCU203, SK318


Mobrey Series 9700 Level Transmitters, Industrial & Marine Versions: 9710MS1A1X0A0, 9710MS2A1X0A0, 9710MS1A1X0A0, 9720M, 9780M, 9790M, 9710C, 9720C, 9780C, 9790C Plus the full range (Remote Zero & Span + ATEX No longer available)



Mobrey 9000 Series Pressure Transmitters, 9000S2GB1AB1X Plus the full range


Mobrey 4000 Series Pressure Transmitters, 4020/2, 4020/3 Plus the full range


Mobrey 003S0 Point Level Sensor, 003S0, 003S2 Plus the full range


Mobrey VT Tuning Fork Level Switch. VT00, VT03, VT05, VT07, VT10, VT15, VT0L, VT1F


Model Product Description
VT Compact Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
1 PNP/PLC low voltage switching with plug connection 18 to 60 Vdc
F 1-in. BSPP (G) thread

Mobrey VT1F



Mobrey MSM400 Control Unit Atex. Gap Sensors: MSM433A100T7, MSM433A150T7, MSM433A200T7, MSM433A300T7, MSM433A450T7, MSM448A100V7, MSM448A150V7, MSM448A200V7, MSM448AA10V7, MSM448AA15V7, MSM448AA20V7, MSM448AA25V7, MSM448AA30V7, MSM448A100P7 , MSM Pipekit-Atex, K2450, MSM433A***TD, MSM448A100P7D



Mobrey Gap sensors Tank Mounting: 433SD801M1, 433SD805M1, 433DS802M1, 433SD803M1, 433SD804M3


Mobrey MSL600 Sludge Blanket Level Monitor: MSL60, MSL602, MSL603, MSL603/1, MSL603/SS


Mobrey MSL600:Z1 Monitor. 115:230v, 50-60Hz 140VA


Mobrey Total Dissolved Solids Controllers TDS, TDS880/W TDS Controller, PDS880 Sensor Interface Module, ER605 Electro Hydraulic Valve


TDS880:W TD ControllerMobrey PDS880 Sensor Interface Module



Mobrey Sequencing Blow Down Valve Spares, SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9, SK10, SK11, SK95, SK272  Plus the full range.


Mobrey Modulating Control Valve Spares, SK68, SK69, SK70, SK71, SK72, SK73, SK74, SK75, SK76, SK77, SK78, SK79, SK80, SK81, SK82,

SK83, SK84, SK85, SK86, SK87, SK322, SK323, SK324, SK325, SK326, SK327, SK328, SK329, SK351, SK352, SK353,

SK365, SK366, SK367, SK368, SK369, SK370, SK371,SK372


Mobrey Boiler Water Level Control Spares, SK18, SK50, SK51, SK52, SK53, SK55, SK57, SK58, SK59, SK60, SK61, SK62, SK63, SK64, SK231, SK274, Plus the full range of Spares


Mobrey Electricon Obscuration / OM80 Spares, SK13, SK14, SK15, SK16, SK17, SK125, SK126, SK307, SK263 Lens kit, SK308, SK309, SK316, SK317, SK354, SK355, SK364, I2513 Control Unit 240v 100% Flush Mounting, I1537 Transmitter, I1538 Receiver, I2537 Transmitter Unit 3/4″ BSP BM143mm SQ, I2538 Receiver Unit 3/4″ BSP BM 143mm SQ, I2045 3/4″ BSP X PG11 adaptor


Mobrey Vertical Level Control Spare Parts, SK178, SK179, SK180, SK181, SK182, SK183, SK184, SK185, SK186, SK187, SK188, SK189,

Mobrey SK181 H4 SwitchMobrey SK181 H4 Switch

Mobrey SK181 H4 Switch Data sheet:Drawing

SK190, SK191, SK192, SK193, SK194, SK195, SK196, SK197, SK198, SK199, SK200

SK201, – SK205, SK343, SK388, SK448, SK449, SK450, SK451, SK452, SK453, SK454, SK455, SK456, SK457


Mobrey Modulating Controllers: SK51, SK53, SK65, SK66, SK67, SK93, SK97, SK98, SK99, SK100, SK101, SK273, SK302, SK303


Mobrey Horizontal Level Switch Mechanisms, SK207, SK208, SK209, SK213, SK214, SK215, SK216, SK217, SK218, SK220, SK221, SK222, SK223, SK225, SK226, SK228, SK268, SK276, G35450/S1, G3450/S4, G3450/S5, SK470, G4150/S1, G3864/S1, G3864/S5, SK471, G4270/S1, G4200/S1, G4220/S1, G4230/S1, G4260/S1, G3950/S1, G3850/S1, G3015/MW,  Plus the full range of Spares




Mobrey Level Switch Floats, SK135, SK137, SK138, SK140, SK144, SK145, SK146, SK147, SK148 SK149, SK150, SK151, SK152, SK153, SK154, SK155, SK157, SK159, SK160, SK161, SK162, SK163, SK164, SK165, SK166, SK167, SK168, SK169, SK170, SK174, SK290, SK291, SK292, SK297, SK298, SK299, SK301, SK375, SK312, SK313, SK361, SK362, G412, G84, G1470/MW, G2253/MW, G3847, G2217/MW, G1454/G392, F69/MW, F73/MW, F84/MW, F85/MW, F86/MW, F88/MW, F91/MW, G3877, G2444/G1628, F95/MW, F98/MW, F101, G4071, G4337/MW, F106/MW, F107/MW, F164/MW, F317/MW, F68/1 Assy, F68/2 Assy, F68/3 Assy, F21/1 Assy, F21/2 Assy, F21/3 Assy, F104/1 Assy, F264/MW, F103 Assy, F104 Assy, F185 Assy, F68/4 Assy  Plus the full range of Spares



Mobrey Squitch & Squing Spare Parts, SK262, SK269, SK304, SK331, SK439, SK440, SK441, SK442, SK443, SK444, SK445 Plus the full range of Spares


Mobrey GEN4000U Smart Indicator & Accessories, GEN400, GEN401, GEN420, GEN421


Mobrey MES3L/1S Electrosensor

ip242 MES3L:1S Data sheet

MEP 2L Data. 302 SD pdf

Mobrey MES3L:1S




Mobrey 30800 MK4 Safety Switch

30800_expss1 30800 Data sheet



Mobrey Hydrastep & Hydratect Controls & Parts 2468C A-E, 24683C, 2642C Plus the full range of Components and Spares Including: 459600602 Electrode, 459600802 Electrode, 459600201 Electrode, 24620501AVV Power Supply Board, 24620511AVV, 24620503AVV, 24620502AVV, 24620522AVV, 24620504AVV, 2468CBFD, 2468CAAD, 2468CABD, 2468CACD, 2468CADD, 2468CAED, 2468CAFD, 2468CAGD, 2468CAHD, 2468CAJD, 2468CAKD, 2468CBAD, 2468CBBD, 2468CBCD, 2468CBDD, 2468CBED, 2468CBGD, 2468CBHD, 2468CBJD, 2468CBKD, 2468CCAD, 2468CCBD, 2468CCCD, 2468CCDD, 2468CCED, 2468CCFD, 2468CCGD, 2468CCHD, 2468CCJD, 2468CCKD, 2468CDAD, 2468CDBD, 2468CDCD, 2468CCDDD, 2468CDED, 2468CDFD, 2468CDGD, 2468CDHD, 2468CDJD, 2468CDKD, 2468CEAD, 2468CEBD, 2468CECD, 2468CEDD, 2468CEED, 2468CEFD, 2468CEGD, 2468CEHD, 2468CEJD, 2468CEKD, 24683C, 24683D, 24683BB, 246781ZA, 246782AC, 246784AA, 300-TTT-SSS, 246785A, 246785Z, 246785P, 24673540B, 24673547B, 24670118A, 246791BA, 246791AA, 246722AA, 24549AA, 24579AA, 246781AB, 246781ZA, 246782AC, 246784AA, 24620204A, 24620205A, 24620206A, 24620207A, 2462A, 2462C, 2462E, 413200060, 600200420, 600200430, 600200440, 600200450, 600200460, 470112950, 470111520, 24680501CVV, 24680516BVV, 24680515BVV, 24680504CVV, 24680509BVV, 24680505AVV, 24680522AVV, K9635, K9634, 360190320, 24620501AVV, 24620511AVV, 24620503AVV, 24620502AVV, 24620522AVV, 24620504AVV, 360190350, 360190320, 24620204A, 24620205A, 24620206A, 24620207A, 24673528B, 24673540B, 24673547B, 24670114A, 24670118A




Mobrey Hydrastep data sheet


Mobrey General Spares: SK31, SK32, SK33, SK34, SK35, SK36, SK37, SK38, SK39, SK40, SK41, SK42, SK43, SK44, SK45, SK46, SK47, J786 Weld Neck Flange, J184 Welding Pad, 71020/107 Welding Pad, J863 Backing Flange, 71030/900 Backing Flange, J800 Welding Pad G Flange, 71020/111 Welding Pad G Flange, J799 Welding Nozzle G Flange.

SK230, SK244, SK265, SK306, SK311, SK332


Mobrey Special Code Items: 70801/244 Magnetic Level Switch, 70801/252 Special Level Switch, 64614 Adaptor M20 to PG13.5, SK264 Spare Kit, VABC Spares Kit Float Cap, 70711/1253/3 VAB Control BD23/3 350mm range, 70711/602/3 Boiler Control BD23/3 MOD, 71278/36 VABC Spares Kit Seals, 71307/1869 003S2 c/w 10Mtrs Cable, 71307/2232 Sensor 402SD80 3 Mtrs St Stl, 71407/558 MSP900GH-A 2″ NPT Transmitter,

Mobrey BML188/25 II Level Switch (Hans Buch A/S)


Mobrey BML188:25II (Hans Buch A:S)



Mobrey ERAB Electronic probes & Controllers for level control on steam boilers and associated plant, TDS 880, TDS880/P, TDS880/P/24V, TDS880/W, TDS880/W/24V, ER539 Cable, EDS880/1, EDS880/2, EDS880/3, EDS880/4, TDSM1/1, TDSM1/2, TDSM1/3, TDSM1/4, TDSM1/5, TDSM1/6, ER605 Actuated Valve, ER606 Actuated Valve, ER548 Actuated Valve, ER547 Pnuematically Actuated Valve, ENT 210, ENT 211, ENT 111, ENCC, ENC, ENCCT, ENCCH38, ENCCH51, SH 25, ENK10/20/30/40/50, CLT, ECA2310PC, ECB11100GC, ECA21110PE, ECA31000TE, EDA56PF, EGA56SPE, ENT111/AD, SH25/AB, ENT210/AZ, ENCCT/AD, ENK40/AE, ENK30/AZ, ENK41/AF, ER217 Cable, ER218 Cable, ERAB 400, ERAB 500, ERAB 620, ERAB 700, ERAB 809, ERAB 530/230/V, ERAB 620/230/PE, ERAB 505/115/VRSERAB 700/230/P


Mobrey ER605 : ERAB pdf

Mobrey ERAB BP 600 data


ERAB 620



Mobrey ERAB CLT-IS Continuous Level Transmitter CLT, 24V / 110/240V, Part no 22-101015-P, CLT-ISOL-24, MOBREY AB 971001


Level Transmitter MOBREY AB 971001

MOBREY CLT 971001download



Mobrey 8200  Series 8200,8240 & 8242 Electrical Indicators

Mobrey : KDG 8200 , 8240 & 8242 Electrical Indicator gauge

KDG Mobrey 8200 H 4-20mA Wall Mounted







Market segments

For many years Trimod Besta level switches have been used successfully in many areas due to their wide application range, variety of construction materials, unsurpassed life expectancy and available certificates.

We have many years of experience and vast application knowledge in the following six market segments.

Shipbuilding Oil & Gas
Chemical & Petrochemical Power Generation
Plant Engineering Water Management


We can supply but not limited to the Following TriMOD BESTA Models:


TriMod BESTA Level Switch A 01 04, A 01 041, A 01 01, A 5A 01 04, A 01 07


Side mounted switches for high or low alarm duties Types A 01 04 and A 01 041


Top mounted level switches for level alarm or pump control applications, Types A 01 140 and A 01 141 (Operating differential A 01 140- 12 to 1340 mm : A 01 141- 12 to 2840 mm)


manually adjustable operating differentials. Ideal for 2-point control, e.g. pump control. Types A 01 090 – A 01 095


 Top mounted level switches for level alarm or pump control applications (Operating differential- 12 to 4340 mm) Types A 01 142


Type- C 01C 05 Compact Switch


Type- C 329C 05 Compact Switch 


TriMOD BESTA Level Switch Brochure




Besta vs Mobrey comparison


Switch Type: Trimod Besta B 01 04, Gold Plated Contacts, Side Mount, for explosion proof applications in a pressure-capsulated housing with microswitch or proximity switch.

Besta B 01 04 Switch Module








Fine Tek Level Switches Data sheet





Operating Temp. Electrical Contact Contact Capacity Contact Element Housing Spec. Applicable S.G.
FF10BHM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.25
FF10CEM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF10CEQ -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF10CLO -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF10DFM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF10DFQ -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF15HEQ -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch SUS304 IP65 0.8
FF12CEM -40LC~100LC SPDT(1C)X2 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF20BHM -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.25
FF20CEM -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF20CEQ -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65
FF20DFM -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF20DFQ -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF20DLO -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55

※ Above-mentioned models are approved by class societes : DNV 、LR 、GL、BV 、ABS 。





Operating Temp. Electrical Contact Contact Capacity Contact Element Housing Spec. Applicable S.G.
FF40DFM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55








1A, 60W




Reed Switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
















Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65  




FF55DFM -40LC~200LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 60W




Reed switch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF70/71BHM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 3A/250Vac Microswitch SUS316 Ex d IIC T3~T6 0.25




-20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 3A/250Vac Microswitch SUS316 Ex d IIC T3~T6 0.65
FF70/71DFM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 3A/250Vac Microswitch SUS316 Ex d IIC T3~T6 0.55
FF73GLO -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 3A/250Vac Microswitch SUS316 Ex d IIC T3~T6 0.7
FF75DFM -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 3A/250Vac Microswitch SUS316 Ex d IIC T3~T6 0.55
FF90CLO -20LC~100LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.65

※ Above-mentioned models are approved by class societes : DNV 、LR 、GL、BV 、ABS 。






Operating Temp. Electrical Contact Contact Capacity Contact Element Housing Spec. Applicable S.G.
FF30A3Q -20LC~100LC SPST(1A) 1A, 50W




Reed Switch SUS304 IP65 0.65
FF62DFM -40LC~350LC SPDT(1C) 5A/250Vac Microswitch Aluminum Alloy IP65 0.55
FF80EFM -20LC~80LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 30W




Reed switch PC IP65 0.60
FF81E -20LC~80LC SPDT(1C) 1A, 30W




Reed switch   0.60


Flow Detection

We offer a comprehensive range of flow measurement solutions for closed pipes, open channels and partially full pipes.

From the flowmeter to the supply of complementary readouts, control units and differential pressure transmitters, we have a wealth of experience.

Level Detection

Most liquid storage tanks have some type of level indication. These gauges perform a vital role in indicating the contents level, and in some cases actuating low or high level alarms.

We select equipment from a range of leading manufactures to ensure that we provide a tailored solution to your requirements, that is accurate, reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Marine Level Solutions

We supply a comprehensive range of instrumentation and controls for the monitoring and control of liquid level in the marine industry.

The equipment we supply is tried, tested and internationally approved for use on all types of ships and offshore installations.