Mobrey Magnetic Level Switches, Boiler Control, ERAB Controllers & Capacitance probes / Electrodes



Mobrey Magnetic Level Switches, Boiler Controls, ERAB Controllers & Capacitance Probes / Electrodes


The selection of the correct Level Switch in each application is critical, which is why Mobrey (Bestobell, KDG, Solartron, Mobrey, ERAB) offers a choice of technologies and products. including the original Mobrey float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches and ultrasonic gap sensors and switches.

Mobrey also has a complete range of continuous liquid level control products and technologies including ultrasonic non-contact, microwave radar, hydrostatic, displacer & submersible level transmitters, and self powered contents & magnetic level gauges with outputs including 4-20mA, HART, fieldbus communications and local relay control.


We can supply the complete Mobrey (Bestobell, KDG, Solarton, Mobrey, ERAB) range of products so please feel free to send us your enquiries @


Mobrey Magnetic Horizontal Float Switches For Liquid Level Alarm and Pump Control


Models include but not limited to:


Mobrey Float Level Switch General Purpose: S01DB/F68/1, S01/F19 (SO1/F19), S01DB/F84, Mobrey S01DB/F93, S01DB/F21/1, S01DB/F68/4, S01DB/F93, S01AMA/F68/4, S01APA/F84, S01DB/F264, S01D8/F264, S01D6B/F84, S01P6B/F84, S01PB/F68/1 S01DB/F185, S01DB/F104/1, S01DF83, S01/F83, S01DB/F93, S01D/F185,  Plus all the Mobrey S01 Range including obsolete Models S01D/F103, S01D/F07, S16D/F19, S16/F74, S179D/F103, S16D/70622/50, S01/F83, S01D/F83, S01D/F85, S01DF85, S01D/F185, S01D/F04, S179D6B/70602/119, 70800/501, 70800/333, 70800/1095, 70809/107, 70809/58, 70809/30, 70800/1230, S01DB/F68/1, S16/F19 Obsolete but replacement available.


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Houdec (Mobrey) Horizontal Level Switch Reed ModelsS355/F95, S356/F95, S359/F95


S359/F95 Magnetic Level Switch Images below:

S359:F95 Level Switch

S359:F95 Mobrey

Level Switch S359:F95



Mobrey Float Level ‘M’ Switch: SMA1, SMA2, SMB1, SMB2, SMD1, SMD2 Mobrey SMN1, SMN2

Mobrey Magnetic Level Switch ‘M’ Series. Mobrey M-Switch Float Operated Liquid Level Switch IP116. Data sheet



Mobrey Float Level Switch: S36DA/F84, S36DA/F68/1, S250DA/F84, S16D/70622/50, S16D/F74, S16D/F93, S424DA/F96, S36AMA/F185, S36APA/F84, S190DA/F93, S190APA/F93, S190AMA/F93, S417B6A/F88, S418DA/F84, S419DA/F68, S424APA/F68/1,S36B6A/F21/1, S01/F83, S01APA/F84, S01APA/F83 Plus all the Composite Flange Construction Float Level Switches 316SS


Mobrey Hoseproof & Submersible Level Switches:

Mobrey S03 Submersible Range (S03): S03DBL/84, S03DBL/F21/1, S03DBL/F21/2, S03DBL/F21/3, S03DBL/F68/1, S03DBL/F68/4, S03DBL/F84, S03DBL/F93, S03DBL/F104/1, S03DBL/F104/2, S03DBL/F104/3, S03DBL/F185, S03DBL/F264,S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F21/1, S03PBL/F21/2, S03PBL/F21/3, S03PBL/F68/1, S03PBL/F68/4, S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F93, S03PBL/F104/1, S03PBL/F104/2, S03PBL/F104/3, S03PBL/F185, S03PBL/F264, S03P6BL/F84, S03P6BL/F21/1, S03P6BL/F21/2, S03P6BL/F21/3, S03P6BL/F68/1, S03P6BL/F68/4, S03P6BL/F84, S03P6BL/F93, S03P6BL/F104/1, S03P6BL/F104/2, S03P6BL/F104/3, S03P6BL/F185, S03P6BL/F264,S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F21/1, S03PBL/F21/2, S03PBL/F21/3, S03PBL/F68/1, S03PBL/F68/4, S03PBL/F84, S03PBL/F93, S03PBL/F104/1, S03PBL/F104/2, S03PBL/F104/3, S03PBL/F185, S03PBL/F264


Mobrey S179 Hose Proof Range: S179DB/F84, S179DB/F21/1, S179DB/F21/2, S179DB/F21/3, S179DB/F68/1, S179DB/F93, S179DB/F104/1, S179DB/F104/2, S179DB/F104/3, S179DB/F185, S179DB/F264, S179PB/F84, S179PB/F21/1, S179PB/F21/2, S179PB/F21/3, S179PB/F68/1, S179PB/F93, S179PB/F104/1, S179PB/F104/2, S179PB/F104/3, S179PB/F185, S179PB/F264, S179D6B/F84, S179D6B/F21/1, S179D6B/F21/2, S179D6B/F21/3, S179D6B/F68/1, S179D6B/F93, S179D6B/F104/1, S179D6B/F104/2, S179D6B/F104/3, S179D6B/F185, S179D6B/F264, S179P6B/F84, S179P6B/F21/1, S179P6B/F21/2, S179P6B/F21/3, S179P6B/F68/1, S179P6B/F93, S179P6B/F104/1, S179P6B/F104/2, S179P6B/F104/3, S179P6B/F185, S179P6B/F264


Mobrey S195  Submersible Range: S195DBL/F21/1, S195DBL/F21/2, S195DBL/F21/3, S195DBL/F68/1, S195DBL/F68/4, S195DBL/F84, S195DBL/F93, S195DBL/F104/1, S195DBL/F104/2, S195DBL/F104/3, S195DBL/F185, S195DBL/F264, S181D/F68/1, S189DB/F84, S195PBL/F21/1, S195PBL/F21/2, S195PBL/F21/3, S195PBL/F68/1, S195PBL/F68/4, S195PBL/F84, S195PBL/F93, S195PBL/F104/1, S195PBL/F104/2, S195PBL/F104/3, S195BL/F185, S195PBL/F264, S195D6BL/F21/1, S195D6BL/F21/2, S195D6BL/F21/3, S195D6BL/F68/1, S195D6BL/F68/4, S195D6BL/F84, S195D6BL/F93, S195D6BL/F104/1, S195D6BL/F104/2, S195D6BL/F104/3, S195D6BL/F185, S195D6BL/F264, S195P6BL/F21/1, S195P6BL/F21/2, S195P6BL/F21/3, S195P6BL/F68/1, S195P6BL/F68/4, S195P6BL/F84, S195P6BL/F93, S195P6BL/F104/1, S195P6BL/F104/2, S195P6BL/F104/3, S195P6BL/F185, S195P6BL/F264


Mobrey S163 Submersible Range:  S163DL/F21/1, S163DL/F21/2, S163DL/F21/3, S163DL/F68/1, S163DL/F68/4, S163DL/F84, S163DL/F93, S163DL/F104/1, S163DL/F104/2, S163DL/F104/3, S163DL/F185, S163DL/F264, S163PL/F21/1, S163PL/F21/2, S163PL/F21/3, S163PL/F68/1, S163PL/F68/4, S163PL/F84, S163PL/F93, S163PL/F104/1, S163PL/F104/2, S163PL/F104/3, S163PL/F185, S163PL/F264


Mobrey S181 Hose Proof Range:  S181D/F21/1, S181DF21/2, S181D/F21/3, S181D/F68/1, S181D/F68/4, S181D/F84, S181D/F93, S181D/F104/1, S181D/F104/2, S181D/F104/3, S181D/F185, S181D/F264, S181P/F21/1, S181P/F21/2, S181P/F21/3, S181P/F68/1, S181P/F68/4, S181P/F84, S181P/F93, S181P/F104/1, S181P/F104/2, S181P/F104/3, S181P/F185, S181P/F264


Mobrey S187 Hazard Submersible Range:  S187DBL/F21/1, S187DBL/F21/2, S187DBL/F21/3, S187DBL/F68/1, S187DBL/F68/4, S187DBL/F84, S187DBL/F93, S187DBL/F104/1, S187DBL/F104/2, S187DBL/F104/3, S187DBL/F185, S187DBL/F264, S187PBL/F21/1, S187PBL/F21/2, S187PBL/F21/3, S187PBL/F68/1, S187PBL/F68/4, S187PBL/F84, S187PBL/F93, S187PBL/F104/1, S187PBL/F104/2, S187PBL/F104/3, S187PBL/F185, S187PBL/F264, S187DBL/F21/1, S187D6BL/F21/2, S187D6BL/F21/3, S187D6BL/F68/1, S187D6BL/F68/4, S187D6BL/F84, S187D6BL/F93, S187D6BL/F104/1, S187D6BL/F104/2, S187D6BL/F104/3, S187D6BL/F185, S187D6BL/F264, S187P6BL/F21/2, S187P6BL/F21/3, S187P6BL/F68/1, S187P6BL/F68/4, S187P6BL/F84, S187P6BL/F93, S187P6BL/F104/1, S187P6BL/F104/2, S187P6BL/F104/3, S187P6BL/F185, S187P6BL/F264


Mobrey S189 Hazard Hose Proof Range:  S189DB/F84, S189DB/F21/1, S189DB/F21/2, S189DB/F21/3, S189DB/F68/1, S189DB/F93, S189DB/F104/1, S189DB/F104/2, S189DB/F104/3, S189DB/F185, S189DB/F264, S189PB/F84, S189PB/F21/1, S189PB/F21/2, S189PB/F21/3, S189PB/F68/1, S189PB/F93, S189PB/F104/1, S189PB/F104/2, S189PB/F104/3, S189PB/F185, S189PB/F264, S189D6B/F84, S189D6B/F21/1, S189D6B/F21/2, S189D6B/F21/3, S189D6B/F68/1, S189D6B/F93, S189D6B/F104/1, S189D6B/F104/2, S189D6B/F104/3, S189D6B/F185, S189D6B/F264, S189P6B/F84, S189P6B/F21/1, S189P6B/F21/2, S189P6B/F21/3, S189P6B/F68/1, S189P6B/F93, S189P6B/F104/1, S189P6B/F104/2, S189P6B/F104/3, S189P6B/F185, S189P6B/F264 Plus the full range


Mobrey S183  Hazard Submersible Range:  S183DBL/F21/1, S183DBL/F21/2, S183DBL/F21/3, S183DBL/F68/1, S183DBL/F68/4, S183DBL/F84, S183DBL/F93, S183DBL/F104/1, S183DBL/F104/2, S183DBL/F104/3, S183DBL/F185, S183DBL/F264, S183PBL/F21/1, S183PBL/F21/2, S183PBL/F21/3, S183PBL/F68/1, S183PBL/F68/4, S183PBL/F84, S183PBL/F93, S183PBL/F104/1, S183PBL/F104/2, S183PBL/F104/3, S183PBL/F185, S183PBL/F264, S183DBL/F21/1, S183D6BL/F21/2, S183D6BL/F21/3, S183D6BL/F68/1, S183D6BL/F68/4, S183D6BL/F84, S183D6BL/F93, S183D6BL/F104/1, S183D6BL/F104/2, S183D6BL/F104/3, S183D6BL/F185, S183D6BL/F264, S183P6BL/F21/2, S183P6BL/F21/3, S183P6BL/F68/1, S183P6BL/F68/4, S183P6BL/F84, S183P6BL/F93, S183P6BL/F104/1, S183P6BL/F104/2, S183P6BL/F104/3, S183P6BL/F185, S183P6BL/F264


Mobrey Flameproof / Explosion Proof Composite Flange Level Switches,

Mobrey S250 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S250DA/F21/1, S250DA/F21/2, S250DA/F21/3, S250DA/F68/1, S250DA/F68/4, S250DA/F84, S250DA/F88, S250DA/F96, S250DA/F98, S250DA/F104/1, S250DA/F104/2, S250DA/F104/3, S250DA/F106, S250DA/F107, S250DA/F185, S250DA/F264.

S250DAX/F21/1, S250DAX/F21/2, S250DAX/F21/3, S250DAX/F68/1, S250DAX/F68/4, S250DAX/F84, S250DA/F88, S250DAX/F96, S250DAX/F98, S250DAX/F104/1, S250DAX/F104/2, S250DAX/F104/3, S250DAX/F106, S250DAX/F107, S250DAX/F185, S250DAX/F264.

S250DG/F21/1, S250DG/F21/2, S250DG/F21/3, S250DG/F68/1, S250DG/F68/4, S250DG/F84, S250DG/F88, S250DG/F96, S250DG/F98, S250DG/F104/1, S250DG/F104/2, S250DG/F104/3, S250DG/F106, S250DG/F107, S250DG/F185, S250DG/F264.

S250DGX/F21/1, S250DGX/F21/2, S250DGX/F21/3, S250DGX/F68/1, S250DGX/F68/4, S250DGX/F84, S250DGX/F88, S250DGX/F96, S250DGX/F98, S250DGX/F104/1, S250DGX/F104/2, S250DGX/F104/3, S250DGX/F106, S250DGX/F107, S250DGX/F185, S250DGX/F264.

S250PA/F21/1, S250PA/F21/2, S250PA/F21/3, S250PA/F68/1, S250PA/F68/4, S250PA/F84, S250PA/F88, S250PA/F96, S250PA/F98, S250PA/F104/1, S250PA/F104/2, S250PA/F104/3, S250PA/F106, S250PA/F107, S250PA/F185, S250PA/F264.

S250PAX/F21/1, S250PAX/F21/2, S250PAX/F21/3, S250PAX/F68/1, S250PAX/F68/4, S250PAX/F84, S250PAX/F88, S250PAX/F96, S250PAX/F98, S250PAX/F104/1, S250PAX/F104/2, S250AX/F104/3, S250PAX/F106, S250PAX/F107, S250PAX/F185, S250PAX/F264.

S250PG/F21/1, S250PG/F21/2, S250PG/F21/3, S250PG/F68/1, S250PG/F68/4, S250PG/F84, S250PG/F88, S250PG/F96, S250PG/F98, S250PG/F104/1, S250PG/F104/2, S250PG/F104/3, S250PG/F106, S250PG/F107, S250PG/F185, S250PG/F264.

S250PGX/F21/1, S250PGX/F21/2, S250PGX/F21/3, S250PGX/F68/1, S250PGX/F68/4, S250PGX/F84, S250PGX/F88, S250PGX/F96, S250PGX/F98, S250PGX/F104/1, S250PGX/F104/2, S250PGX/F104/3, S250PGX/F106, S250PGX/F107, S250PGX/F185, S250PGX/F264.

S250D6A/F21/1, S250D6A/F21/2, S250D6A/F21/3, S250D6A/F68/1, S250D6A/F68/4, S250D6A/F84, S250D6A/F88, S250D6A/F96, S250D6A/F98, S250D6A/F104/1, S250D6A/F104/2, S250D6A/F104/3, S250D6A/F106, S250D6A/F107, S250D6A/F185, S250D6A/F264.

S250D6AX/F21/1, S250D6AX/F21/2, S250D6AX/F21/3, S250D6AX/F68/1, S250D6AX/F68/4, S250D6AX/F84, S250D6A/F88, S250D6AX/F96, S250D6AX/F98, S250D6AX/F104/1, S250D6AX/F104/2, S250D6AX/F104/3, S250D6AX/F106, S250D6AX/F107, S250D6AX/F185, S250D6AX/F264.

S250D6G/F21/1, S250D6G/F21/2, S250D6G/F21/3, S250D6G/F68/1, S250D6G/F68/4, S250D6G/F84, S250D6G/F88, S250D6G/F96, S250D6G/F98, S250D6G/F104/1, S250D6G/F104/2, S250D6G/F104/3, S250D6G/F106, S250D6G/F107, S250D6G/F185, S250D6G/F264.

S250D6GX/F21/1, S250D6GX/F21/2, S250D6GX/F21/3, S250D6GX/F68/1, S250D6GX/F68/4, S250D6GX/F84, S250D6GX/F88, S2506DGX/F96, S250D6GX/F98, S250D6GX/F104/1, S250D6GX/F104/2, S250D6GX/F104/3, S250D6GX/F106, S250D6GX/F107, S250D6GX/F185, S250D6GX/F264.

S250P6A/F21/1, S250P6A/F21/2, S250P6A/F21/3, S250P6A/F68/1, S250P6A/F68/4, S250P6A/F84, S250P6A/F88, S250P6A/F96, S250P6A/F98, S250P6A/F104/1, S250P6A/F104/2, S250P6A/F104/3, S250P6A/F106, S250P6A/F107, S250P6A/F185, S250P6A/F264.

S250P6AX/F21/1, S250P6AX/F21/2, S250P6AX/F21/3, S250P6AX/F68/1, S250P6AX/F68/4, S250P6AX/F84, S250P6A/F88, S250P6AX/F96, S250P6AX/F98, S250P6AX/F104/1, S250P6AX/F104/2, S250P6AX/F104/3, S250P6AX/F106, S250P6AX/F107, S250P6AX/F185, S250P6AX/F264.

S250P6G/F21/1, S250P6G/F21/2, S250P6G/F21/3, S250P6G/F68/1, S250P6G/F68/4, S250P6G/F84, S250P6G/F88, S250P6G/F96, S250P6G/F98, S250P6G/F104/1, S250P6G/F104/2, S250P6G/F104/3, S250P6G/F106, S250P6G/F107, S250P6G/F185, S250P6G/F264.

S250P6GX/F21/1, S250P6GX/F21/2, S250P6GX/F21/3, S250P6GX/F68/1, S250P6GX/F68/4, S250P6GX/F84, S250P6GX/F88, S250P6GX/F96, S250P6GX/F98, S250P6GX/F104/1, S250P6GX/F104/2, S250P6GX/F104/3, S250P6GX/F106, S250P6GX/F107, S250P6GX/F185, S250P6GX/F264


Mobrey S251 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S251DA/F21/1, S251DA/F21/2, S251DA/F21/3, S251DA/F68/1, S251DA/F68/4, S251DA/F84, S251DA/F88, S251DA/F96, S251DA/F98, S210DA/F104/1, S251DA/F104/2, S251DA/F104/3, S251DA/F106, S251DA/F107, S251DA/F185, S251DA/F264.

S251DAX/F21/1, S251DAX/F21/2, S251DAX/F21/3, S251DAX/F68/1, S251DAX/F68/4, S251DAX/F84, S251DA/F88, S251DAX/F96, S251DAX/F98, S251DAX/F104/1, S251DAX/F104/2, S251DAX/F104/3, S251DAX/F106, S251DAX/F107, S251DAX/F185, S251DAX/F264.

S251DG/F21/1, S251DG/F21/2, S251DG/F21/3, S251DG/F68/1, S251DG/F68/4, S251DG/F84, S251DG/F88, S251DG/F96, S251DG/F98, S251DG/F104/1, S251DG/F104/2, S251DG/F104/3, S251DG/F106, S251DG/F107, S251DG/F185, S251DG/F264.

S251DGX/F21/1, S251DGX/F21/2, S251DGX/F21/3, S251DGX/F68/1, S251DGX/F68/4, S251DGX/F84, S251DGX/F88, S251DGX/F96, S251DGX/F98, S251DGX/F104/1, S251DGX/F104/2, S251DGX/F104/3, S251DGX/F106, S251DGX/F107, S251DGX/F185, S251DGX/F264.

S251PA/F21/1, S251PA/F21/2, S251PA/F21/3, S251PA/F68/1, S251PA/F68/4, S251PA/F84, S251PA/F88, S251PA/F96, S251PA/F98, S251PA/F104/1, S251PA/F104/2, S251PA/F104/3, S251PA/F106, S251PA/F107, S251PA/F185, S251PA/F264.

S251PAX/F21/1, S251PAX/F21/2, S251PAX/F21/3, S251PAX/F68/1, S251PAX/F68/4, S251PAX/F84, S251PAX/F88, S251PAX/F96, S251PAX/F98, S251PAX/F104/1, S251PAX/F104/2, S251AX/F104/3, S251PAX/F106, S251PAX/F107, S251PAX/F185, S251PAX/F264.

S251PG/F21/1, S251PG/F21/2, S251PG/F21/3, S251PG/F68/1, S251PG/F68/4, S251PG/F84, S251PG/F88, S251PG/F96, S251PG/F98, S251PG/F104/1, S251PG/F104/2, S251PG/F104/3, S251PG/F106, S251PG/F107, S251PG/F185, S251PG/F264.

S251PGX/F21/1, S251PGX/F21/2, S251PGX/F21/3, S251PGX/F68/1, S251PGX/F68/4, S251PGX/F84, S251PGX/F88, S251PGX/F96, S251PGX/F98, S251PGX/F104/1, S251PGX/F104/2, S251PGX/F104/3, S251PGX/F106, S251PGX/F107, S251PGX/F185, S251PGX/F264.

S251D6A/F21/1, S251D6A/F21/2, S251D6A/F21/3, S251D6A/F68/1, S251D6A/F68/4, S251D6A/F84, S251D6A/F88, S251D6A/F96, S251D6A/F98, S251D6A/F104/1, S251D6A/F104/2, S251D6A/F104/3, S251D6A/F106, S251D6A/F107, S251D6A/F185, S251D6A/F264.

S251D6AX/F21/1, S251D6AX/F21/2, S251D6AX/F21/3, S251D6AX/F68/1, S251D6AX/F68/4, S251D6AX/F84, S251D6A/F88, S251D6AX/F96, S251D6AX/F98, S251D6AX/F104/1, S251D6AX/F104/2, S251D6AX/F104/3, S251D6AX/F106, S251D6AX/F107, S251D6AX/F185, S251D6AX/F264.

S251D6G/F21/1, S251D6G/F21/2, S251D6G/F21/3, S251D6G/F68/1, S251D6G/F68/4, S251D6G/F84, S251D6G/F88, S251D6G/F96, S251D6G/F98, S251D6G/F104/1, S251D6G/F104/2, S251D6G/F104/3, S251D6G/F106, S251D6G/F107, S251D6G/F185, S251D6G/F264.

S251D6GX/F21/1, S251D6GX/F21/2, S251D6GX/F21/3, S251D6GX/F68/1, S251D6GX/F68/4, S251D6GX/F84, S251D6GX/F88, S251D6GX/F96, S251D6GX/F98, S251D6GX/F104/1, S251D6GX/F104/2, S251D6GX/F104/3, S251D6GX/F106, S251D6GX/F107, S251D6GX/F185, S251D6GX/F264.

S251P6A/F21/1, S251P6A/F21/2, S251P6A/F21/3, S251P6A/F68/1, S251P6A/F68/4, S251P6A/F84, S251P6A/F88, S251P6A/F96, S251P6A/F98, S251P6A/F104/1, S251P6A/F104/2, S251P6A/F104/3, S251P6A/F106, S251P6A/F107, S251P6A/F185, S251P6A/F264.

S251P6AX/F21/1, S251P6AX/F21/2, S251P6AX/F21/3, S251P6AX/F68/1, S251P6AX/F68/4, S251P6AX/F84, S251P6A/F88, S251P6AX/F96, S251P6AX/F98, S251P6AX/F104/1, S251P6AX/F104/2, S251P6AX/F104/3, S251P6AX/F106, S251P6AX/F107, S251P6AX/F185, S251P6AX/F264.

S251P6G/F21/1, S251P6G/F21/2, S251P6G/F21/3, S251P6G/F68/1, S251P6G/F68/4, S251P6G/F84, S251P6G/F88, S251P6G/F96, S251P6G/F98, S251P6G/F104/1, S251P6G/F104/2, S251P6G/F104/3, S251P6G/F106, S251P6G/F107, S251P6G/F185, S251P6G/F264.

S251P6GX/F21/1, S251P6GX/F21/2, S251P6GX/F21/3, S251P6GX/F68/1, S251P6GX/F68/4, S251P6GX/F84, S251P6GX/F88, S251P6GX/F96, S251P6GX/F98, S251P6GX/F104/1, S251P6GX/F104/2, S251P6GX/F104/3, S251P6GX/F106, S251P6GX/F107, S251P6GX/F185, S251P6GX/F264


Mobrey S253 Flameproof Zone 1 Range:  S253DA/F21/1, S253DA/F21/2, S253DA/F21/3, S253DA/F68/1, S253DA/F68/4, S253DA/F84, S253DA/F88, S253DA/F96, S253DA/F98, S253DA/F104/1, S253DA/F104/2, S253DA/F104/3, S253DA/F106, S253DA/F107, S253DA/F185, S253DA/F264.

S253DAX/F21/1, S253DAX/F21/2, S253DAX/F21/3, S253DAX/F68/1, S253DAX/F68/4, S253DAX/F84, S253DA/F88, S253DAX/F96, S253DAX/F98, S253DAX/F104/1, S253DAX/F104/2, S253DAX/F104/3, S253DAX/F106, S253DAX/F107, S253DAX/F185, S253DAX/F264.

S253DG/F21/1, S253DG/F21/2, S253DG/F21/3, S253DG/F68/1, S253DG/F68/4, S253DG/F84, S253DG/F88, S253DG/F96, S253DG/F98, S253DG/F104/1, S253DG/F104/2, S253DG/F104/3, S253DG/F106, S253DG/F107, S253DG/F185, S253DG/F264.

S253DGX/F21/1, S253DGX/F21/2, S253DGX/F21/3, S253DGX/F68/1, S253DGX/F68/4, S253DGX/F84, S253DGX/F88, S253DGX/F96, S253DGX/F98, S253DGX/F104/1, S253DGX/F104/2, S253DGX/F104/3, S253DGX/F106, S253DGX/F107, S253DGX/F185, S253DGX/F264.

S253PA/F21/1, S253PA/F21/2, S253PA/F21/3, S253PA/F68/1, S253PA/F68/4, S253PA/F84, S253PA/F88, S253PA/F96, S253PA/F98, S253PA/F104/1, S253PA/F104/2, S253PA/F104/3, S253PA/F106, S253PA/F107, S253PA/F185, S253PA/F264.

S253PAX/F21/1, S253PAX/F21/2, S253PAX/F21/3, S253PAX/F68/1, S253PAX/F68/4, S253PAX/F84, S253PAX/F88, S253PAX/F96, S253PAX/F98, S253PAX/F104/1, S253PAX/F104/2, S253AX/F104/3, S253PAX/F106, S253PAX/F107, S253PAX/F185, S253PAX/F264.

S253PG/F21/1, S253PG/F21/2, S253PG/F21/3, S253PG/F68/1, S251PG/F68/4, S251PG/F84, S251PG/F88, S251PG/F96, S251PG/F98, S251PG/F104/1, S251PG/F104/2, S251PG/F104/3, S251PG/F106, S251PG/F107, S251PG/F185, S251PG/F264.

S251PGX/F21/1, S251PGX/F21/2, S251PGX/F21/3, S251PGX/F68/1, S251PGX/F68/4, S251PGX/F84, S251PGX/F88, S251PGX/F96, S251PGX/F98, S251PGX/F104/1, S253PGX/F104/2, S253PGX/F104/3, S253PGX/F106, S253PGX/F107, S253PGX/F185, S253PGX/F264.

S253D6A/F21/1, S253D6A/F21/2, S253D6A/F21/3, S253D6A/F68/1, S253D6A/F68/4, S253D6A/F84, S253D6A/F88, S253D6A/F96, S253D6A/F98, S253D6A/F104/1, S253D6A/F104/2, S253D6A/F104/3, S253D6A/F106, S253D6A/F107, S253D6A/F185, S253D6A/F264.

S253D6AX/F21/1, S253D6AX/F21/2, S253D6AX/F21/3, S253D6AX/F68/1, S253D6AX/F68/4, S253D6AX/F84, S253D6A/F88, S253D6AX/F96, S253D6AX/F98, S253D6AX/F104/1, S253D6AX/F104/2, S253D6AX/F104/3, S253D6AX/F106, S253D6AX/F107, S253D6AX/F185, S253D6AX/F264.

S253D6G/F21/1, S253D6G/F21/2, S253D6G/F21/3, S253D6G/F68/1, S253D6G/F68/4, S253D6G/F84, S253D6G/F88, S253D6G/F96, S253D6G/F98, S253D6G/F104/1, S253D6G/F104/2, S253D6G/F104/3, S253D6G/F106, S253D6G/F107, S253D6G/F185, S253D6G/F264.

S253D6GX/F21/1, S253D6GX/F21/2, S253D6GX/F21/3, S253D6GX/F68/1, S253D6GX/F68/4, S253D6GX/F84, S253D6GX/F88, S253D6GX/F96, S253D6GX/F98, S253D6GX/F104/1, S2513

S253P6A/F21/1, S253P6A/F21/2, S253P6A/F21/3, S253P6A/F68/1, S253P6A/F68/4, S253P6A/F84, S253P6A/F88, S253P6A/F96, S253P6A/F98, S253P6A/F104/1, S253P6A/F104/2, S253P6A/F104/3, S253P6A/F106, S253P6A/F107, S253P6A/F185, S253P6A/F264.

S253P6AX/F21/1, S253P6AX/F21/2, S253P6AX/F21/3, S253P6AX/F68/1, S253P6AX/F68/4, S253P6AX/F84, S253P6A/F88, S231P6AX/F96, S253P6AX/F98, S253P6AX/F104/1, S253P6AX/F104/2, S253P6AX/F104/3, S253P6AX/F106, S253P6AX/F107, S253P6AX/F185, S253P6AX/F264.

S253P6G/F21/1, S25136G/F21/2, S253P6G/F21/3, S253P6G/F68/1, S253P6G/F68/4, S253P6G/F84, S253P6G/F88, S253P6G/F96, S253P6G/F98, S253P6G/F104/1, S253P6G/F104/2, S253P6G/F104/3, S253P6G/F106, S253P6G/F107, S253P6G/F185, S253P6G/F264.

S253P6GX/F21/1, S253P6GX/F21/2, S253P6GX/F21/3, S253P6GX/F68/1, S253P6GX/F68/4, S253P6GX/F84, S253P6GX/F88, S253P6GX/F96, S253P6GX/F98, S253P6GX/F104/1, S253P6GX/F104/2, S253P6GX/F104/3, S253P6GX/F106, S253P6GX/F107, S253P6GX/F185, S253P6GX/F264.

Plus the full range of Explosion Proof Composite Flange Construction Float Level Switches.

Mobrey Magnetic Horizontal Float Switches IP101



Mobrey BML188/25 II Magnetic Level Switch (Hans Buch A/S)

BML 188/25 II. Drawing

Mobrey BML188:25II (Hans Buch A:S)



Mobrey Vertical Level Controls Floating Roof Tank Alarm Switch, DS20DS7A1D4, DS20DS7A2D4/0, DS20DS7AC1D4U/0, DS21DS7AUH8/0, DS21DS7ACD8U/0, DS21DS7AU1H4  Plus the full range

IP107 Floating roof tank alarm switch


Mobrey Fabricated Cage / Chambers for Horizontal Level Switch: 144C, 145C, 148C, 150C, 151C, 305C, 306C, 307C, 308C, 145C/0432 Plus the full range.

Mobrey Fabricated Chambers 305/307 Data sheet


Mobrey Vertical Level Controls Chamber Mounted, BC12FR7A1D8/133, XS13FS4N2D4/212, BC11F, BC13F,BC14F, BC17D, XC11F, XC12F, XC13F, XC14F, XC7D, BS11F, BS12F, BS13F, BS14F, BS17D, XS11F, XS12F, XS14F, XS7D, BC12FS71U1X8/201 Plus the full range


Mobrey Direct Mounted Displacer Controls / Float Controls, DS12DS4N1D4/61, DS60, DS61,DS62, DS65, DS66, DS67 Plus the full range.

Mobrey Vertical Level Controls Chamber/Direct Mounted IP107


Mobrey Vertical Air Break Control BX & BD Range, BX02/1, BX03/1, BX05/2, BX06/2, BX07/2, BX08/2, BX09/1, BX10/2, BX11/2, BX12/1, BX13/2, BX14/2, BX15/1, BX16/2, BX17/1, BX18/2, BX19/2, B20/2, BX21/2, BX22/2, BX23/1, BX24/2, BX25/2, BX45/1, BX87/1, BX88/2 plus the full range


Mobrey Direct Mounted Boiler Control-Without Test Device: BD01/1, BD02/2, BD03/2, BD04/1, BD05/2, BD06/2, BD07/2, BD08/1, BD09/1, BD10/1, BD11/2, BD, 12/2, BD13/2, BD14/2, BD15/2, BD16/2, BD21/2, BD22/2, BD41/1, BD42/1, BD43/1, BD44/2.


Mobrey Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Chamber Mounted, BXM02/1, BXM03/1, BXM05/2, BXM07/2, BXM09/1, BXM10/2, BXM11/2, BXM12/1, BXM13/2, BXM14/2, BXM15/1, BXM16/2, BXM17/1, BXM18/2, BXM19/2, BXM22/2, BXM23/1, BXM24/2, BXM25/2, BXM45/1 Plus the full range.


Mobrey Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Direct Mounted-Without test device, BDM01/1, BDM04/1, BDM05/2, BDM06/2


Mobrey Marine Vertical Air Break Controls Direct Mounted-With test deviceBDTM01/1, BDTM02/2, BDTM03/2, BDTM04/1, BDTM05/1


Mobrey Conversion Heads Industrial Vertical Air Break Controls. C62/1, C150/2, C250/2, F62/1, F150/2, F250/2


Mobrey 7829 Viscomaster: Model 7829FEANAJBBBA Viscosity Meter, 316L Stainless steel, PFA laminated tines, 0 to 50 cSt, Advanced: 4–20 mA output, ATEX Ex d IIC T4, < 200 °C, 2” schedule 40 boundary (200 cP limit), no stem extension and with standard spigot, 0.5 to 50 cP; no density calibration







ERAB electronic probes for level control on steam boilers and associated plant:

Erab Probes & Controllers Data sheet


ERAB ENT 120 Electrode: 04-300100

ERAB ENT 120 Electrode Data sheet


ERAB ENT 220 Electrode: 13-401000

ERAB ENT 220 Level Electrode Data



ERAB ENT 210/211 is a high-integrity, conductive level probe for use in open or closed vessels and is well suited for applications in steam boilers, feed water tanks, condensate tanks, expansion vessels and other pressurised or non-pressurised containers. It is normally used with
a high integrity controller from the Mobrey Erab product range to give fail- safe boiler protection and alarm functions.


ERAB ENT 210/211 high-integrity, conductive level probe: ENT210/AA, ENT210/AB, ENT210/AC, ENT210/AD, ENT210/AE, ENT210/AF, ENT210/AG,ENT211/AA, ENT211/AB, ENT211/AC, ENT211/AD, ENT211/AE, ENT211/AF, ENT211/AG, ENT211/AZ


ERAB Capacitance Electrode Type ENC: ENCC, ENC, ENCCT, ENCCH38, ENCCH51


ERAB 400 Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 405/230/P, ERAB 405/115/P, ERAB 405/230/V, ERAB 405/115/V,  ERAB 410/230/P, ERAB 410/115/P, ERAB 410/230/V, ERAB 410/115/V, ERAB 415/230/P, ERAB 415/115/P, ERAB 415/230/V, ERAB 415/115/V, ERAB 420/230/P, ERAB 420/115/P, ERAB 420/230/V, ERAB 420/115/V, ERAB 425/230/P, ERAB 425/115/P, ERAB 425/230/V, ERAB 425/115/V, ERAB 430/230/P, ERAB 430/115/P, ERAB 430/230/V, ERAB 430/115/V, ERAB 435/230/P, ERAB 435/115/P, ERAB 435/230/V, ERAB 453/115/V, ERAB 440/230/P, ERAB 440/115/P, ERAB 440/230/V, ERAB 440/115/V, ERAB 455/230/P, ERAB 455/115/P, ERAB 455/230/V, ERAB 455/115/V, ERAB 460/230/P, ERAB 460/115/P, ERAB 460/230/V, ERAB 460/115/V, ERAB 465/230/P, ERAB 465/115/P, ERAB 465/230/V, ERAB 465/115/V, ERAB 470/230/P, ERAB 470/115/P, ERAB 470/230/V, ERAB 470/115/V, ERAB EPA 40/110V

Mobrey ERAB EPA 40:110V


ERAB 500 Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 505/230/P, ERAB 505/115/P, ERAB 505/230/V, ERAB 505/115/V,  ERAB 510/230/P, ERAB 510/115/P, ERAB 510/230/V, ERAB 510/115/V, ERAB 515/230/P, ERAB 515/115/P, ERAB 515/230/V, ERAB 515/115/V, ERAB 520/230/P, ERAB 520/115/P, ERAB 520/230/V, ERAB 520/115/V, ERAB 525/230/P, ERAB 525/115/P, ERAB 525/230/V, ERAB 525/115/V, ERAB 530/230/P, ERAB 530/115/P, ERAB 530/230/V, ERAB 530/115/V, ERAB 535/230/P, ERAB 535/115/P, ERAB 535/230/V, ERAB 553/115/V, ERAB 540/230/P, ERAB 540/115/P, ERAB 540/230/V, ERAB 540/115/V, ERAB 555/230/P, ERAB 555/115/P, ERAB 555/230/V, ERAB 555/115/V, ERAB 560/230/P, ERAB 560/115/P, ERAB 560/230/V, ERAB 560/115/V, ERAB 565/230/P, ERAB 565/115/P, ERAB 565/230/V, ERAB 565/115/V, ERAB 570/230/P, ERAB 570/115/P, ERAB 570/230/V, ERAB 570/115/V


ERAB 620 Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 620/230/P, ERAB 620/115/P, ERAB 620/230/V, ERAB 620/115/V, ERAB 620/230/PR, ERAB 620/115/PR, ERAB 620/230/VR, ERAB 620/115/VR, ERAB 620/230/PRE, ERAB 620/115/PRE, ERAB 620/230/VRE, ERAB 620/115/VRE, ERAB 620/230/PE, ERAB 620/115/PE, ERAB 620/230/VE, ERAB 620/115/VE.


ERAB 700A Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 700A/230/P, ERAB 700A/115/P, ERAB 700A/230/V, ERAB 700A/115/V.


ERAB 700T Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 700T/230/P, ERAB 700T/115/P, ERAB 700T/230/V, ERAB 700T/115/V.


ERAB 700S Level & Alarm Controller: ERAB 700S/230/P, ERAB 700S/115/P, ERAB 700S/230/V, ERAB 700S/115/V

Erab Probes & Controllers


Mobrey Ultrasonic MSP110, MSP90, MSP90-11-24-C, MSP110 T18F-C, MSP90-21, MSP90-11, MSP110-T72B-C, Mobrey MSP90-11-C Controller





Mobrey ERAB CLT-IS Continuous Level Transmitter CLT, 24V / 110/240V, Part no 22-101015-P, CLT-ISOL-24, MOBREY AB 971001

Mobrey CLT-ISOL-24 Data sheet

Level Transmitter MOBREY AB 971001

MOBREY CLT 971001download


Mobrey MSM400  Ultrasonic Suspended Solids Monitoring and Control System


Mobrey MSM400 Control Unit Atex. Gap Sensors: MSM433A100T7, MSM433A150T7, MSM433A200T7, MSM433A300T7, MSM433A450T7, MSM448A100V7, MSM448A150V7, MSM448A200V7, MSM448AA10V7, MSM448AA15V7, MSM448AA20V7, MSM448AA25V7, MSM448AA30V7, MSM448A100P7 , MSM Pipekit-Atex, K2450, MSM433A***TD, MSM448A100P7D.


Mobrey Gap sensors Tank Mounting: 433SD801M1, 433SD805M1, 433DS802M1, 433SD803M1, 433SD804M3



Contains pair of ATEX sensors and  bosses, hoses, wires, junction box

Comprising of: Sensors : 2 x MSM448 type in Stainless Steel 316, Pipe fixings : For sensors and spray valve assembly.

Drain : Welding boss (3000lb), 1″ NPT with plug

Accessories : Spray valve assembly, with drain valve (1/2″ NPT female) in stainless steel 316

Electronics : Junction box, grey enamel on aluminium

Cable : 7m cable for wiring away from the junction box

Pipe section : None, item to be built into a pipe section by others

ATEX approval : ATEX II 1 G EExia IIC T6



MSM400 Data sheet


KDG Mobrey 250 Series metal tube VA meter. 25025C1M8T1S3Z1

KDG Mobrey 250 Series metal tube VA meter data sheet 1718

250 Series metal tube VA meter


Mobrey Rotameter Series 1300 & 1350 Variable Area Flowmeters 1300BSYAAPC

Mobrey Rotameter Series 1300 & 1350 Variable Area Flowmeters


Mobrey Tylors Series 7000 Turbine Flowmeters (7100, 7200, 7300) 7102A1RFM1

Mobrey Tylors Series 7000 Turbine Flowmeters (7100, 7200, 7300)


Mobrey Series 134 metal tube variable area flowmeter. 1341/2C1MG10-IAS1Z1 to 10mQ/h – air 20HC 1013 mBar abs

Mobrey Series 134 metal tube variable area flowmeter


Mobrey 30800 MK4 SAFETY Switch MAX 440 VOLT. MAX LOAD 1AMP


ss1 30800 Data sheet





Mobrey / Houdec / KDG CP811V80 type S1 SPDT reed switch alarm  in IP65 aluminium enclosure with PG9 polyamide cable gland. Max current: 0.25A AC @ 230 V/ 1A AC/ DC @ 24 – 48V. Max power: 60W/ 60VA.


CP811V80 : 60190301



Mobrey VT1F



Bestobell Mobrey Type 2295 F6 Regulator Input / Output: 1/4 “-18 NPT, inside ,Outlet pressure range: 0.3 to 6.0 bar


Bestobell Mobrey 2295F6

Bestobell Type 2295 F6 Regulator