Boiler Controls, Spares & Servicing

Boiler Emissions

We supply a range of equipment to measure, monitor, record and control the emissions from combustion plant. We offer equipment for either fixed installation or hand held-devices.

Boiler Level Controls

The water level controls on steam boilers provide a critical safety function. As such, you’ve got to be sure that the controls fitted to your boiler are correct for the duty and are working properly. We can help; by providing new and replacement controls, spares and replacement parts. We cover all makes and types of level controls, including Mobrey, Gestra, Spirax Sarco, Shaw, Fulton and others.

Boiler Spares

Whether it’s just a few gaskets or complete replacement parts and assemblies, routine maintenance spares or emergency repairs, we supply the products that you need when you need them.

Boilerhouse Valves

We supply a comprehensive range of valves & actuators for use in the boilerhouse. We select our products from a range of leading manufacturers, and base our offerings on performance, reliability, quality and economy.



Mobrey HydraStep & Hydratect


Hydrastep and Hydratect Data Sheet

Mobrey Electric Probes Data Sheet

Mobrey : ERAB electronic probes BP 600

Mobrey Hydrastep & Hydratect Controls & Parts 2468C A-E, 24683C, 2642C

Plus the full range of Components and Spares Including:

459600602 Electrode, 459600802 Electrode, 459600201 Electrode, 24620501AVV Power Supply Board, 24620511AVV, 24620503AVV, 24620502AVV, 24620522AVV, 24620504AVV, 2468CBFD, 2468CAAD, 2468CABD, 2468CACD, 2468CADD, 2468CAED, 2468CAFD, 2468CAGD, 2468CAHD, 2468CAJD, 2468CAKD, 2468CBAD, 2468CBBD, 2468CBCD, 2468CBDD, 2468CBED, 2468CBGD, 2468CBHD, 2468CBJD, 2468CBKD, 2468CCAD, 2468CCBD, 2468CCCD, 2468CCDD, 2468CCED, 2468CCFD, 2468CCGD, 2468CCHD, 2468CCJD, 2468CCKD, 2468CDAD, 2468CDBD, 2468CDCD, 2468CCDDD, 2468CDED, 2468CDFD, 2468CDGD, 2468CDHD, 2468CDJD, 2468CDKD, 2468CEAD, 2468CEBD, 2468CECD, 2468CEDD, 2468CEED, 2468CEFD, 2468CEGD, 2468CEHD, 2468CEJD, 2468CEKD, 24683C, 24683D, 24683BB, 246781ZA, 246782AC, 246784AA, 300-TTT-SSS, 246785A, 246785Z, 246785P, 24673540B, 24673547B, 24670118A, 246791BA, 246791AA, 246722AA, 24549AA, 24579AA, 246781AB, 246781ZA, 246782AC, 246784AA, 24620204A, 24620205A, 24620206A, 24620207A, 2462A, 2462C, 2462E, 413200060, 600200420, 600200430, 600200440, 600200450, 600200460, 470112950, 470111520, 24680501CVV, 24680516BVV, 24680515BVV, 24680504CVV, 24680509BVV, 24680505AVV, 24680522AVV, K9635, K9634, 360190320, 24620501AVV, 24620511AVV, 24620503AVV, 24620502AVV, 24620522AVV, 24620504AVV, 360190350, 360190320, 24620204A, 24620205A, 24620206A, 24620207A, 24673528B, 24673540B, 24673547B, 24670114A, 24670118A