Drill Pipe Screens & Float Valves

Drill Pipe Screens

Tool Joint Connections Available

  • 1.9″ EUE
  • 2-3/8″ API IF, REG or EUE
  • 2-7/8″ API IF, REG or EUE
  • 3-1/2″ API IF, REG, FH or X-Hole
  • 4″ API IF, FH or REG
  • 4-1/2″ API IF,REG, FH or X-Hole
  • 5″ API X-Hole
  • 5-1/2″ API IF,REG, FH or X-Hole
  • 6-5/8″ API IF, FH or REG
  • 7-5/8″ REG
  • 8-5/8″ API REG
  • TM-39
  • TSDS-38 (Smith Intl)
  • XT-38 or XT-39 (NOV/Grand Pridco)


  • Screens are manufactured from high quality 11 gauge perforated type 304 Stainless Steel
  • All sizes of screens available as retrievable or non-retrievable.
  • Screens are available in any length up to 48″.
  • Standard basket sizes allow various sizes of flanges to be used with same screen.
  • Interchangeable flanges are stamped for easy identification and replacement.
  • Screens are available in multiple styles including Bar Strainer Style, Slotted Strainer Style or Conventional Perforated Strainer Style.
  • Various sized openings accommodate even the most aggressive LCM materials.
  • Standard sized retriever bolts allow easy removal with over shot tool.


Drill Pipe Float Valves. Baker SPD


Baker SPD is known as the leading manufacturer of Drill Pipe Float Valves in the industry. Committed to continuous

improvement and production of quality products for optimum performance and reliability, their Drill Pipe Float Valves

have become an industry standard due to their superior engineering, quality, construction, and dependability in service.


Models include but not Limited to:

Model “F” Plunger Type valve Product Family No’s. H48013 (Standard Style) and H48043 (Heavy Duty Alloy Style) This valve offers positive and instant shut-off. In normal drilling operations this model offers economy and durability. The piston type stops flow-back when making connections and keeps cuttings out of the drill string.

Part Numbers for Valves: 1R 480131200, 1F-2R 480131422, 2F-3R 480132432, 3F 480133400, 3-1/2F IF 480133600, 4R 480134200, 4F 480134400, 5R 480135200, 5F-6R 480135462, 6F 480136400.

Rubber & Metal Repair kits: 01612200, 016012300, 016012400, 016012500, 016012600, 016012700, 016012800, 016012900, 016013000, 0160113100, 015929800, 016011300, 016011400, 01611500, 01611600, 016011700, 016011800, 016011900, 016012000, 016012100.

Model “FA”- (Plunger Type Valve) Product Family No: H48012

The Model FA offers all the standard features of the Model F Float Valve with the added feature of a port which

allows a fluid path through the center of the valve. This feature allows for an automatic partial filling of the drill

pipe during run in. This valve is used when monitoring the bit head for gas pressure and/or gas pockets, allowing measurement of differential pressure when required. The Model FA is available in all sizes.

The Model FI also offers all the standard features of the Model F Float Valve with the added feature of an integralbaffle plate at the top of the float valve. For operations where a baffle plate is always used for instrumentationor fluid control the integral baffle plate configuration offers and economical option. The Model FI is only available in sizes 4R and 5F-6R.

Part Numbers for Valves: 2F-3R 480122432, 3F 480123400, 3 1/2 IF 480123600, 4R 480124200, 5R-6R 480125462

Rubber & Metal Repair Kits: 016012405, 016012505, 016012605, 016012705, 016013005, 016011405, 016011505, 016011705, 016012005



Model “G” Flapper – Full Flow Product Family No. H48015

The Model G “Flapper Type” Full Open Valve incorporates a specially designed flapper which opens quickly and fully to provide a completely unrestricted bore through the valve. The Model G is especially good for use with highly abrasive fluids. When circulation stops, the flapper closes instantly to prevent cuttings from entering the drill string and plugging the bit. The valve opens when the first joint is raised out of the hole assuring the first joints drain and are not pulled wet. This saves mud and avoids safety hazards and down time. The flapper-type valve complements primary blowout prevention equipment to provide complete internal pressure control.



Part Numbers for Valves: 1F-2R 480151422, 2F-3R 480152432, 3F 480153400, 3 1/2 IF 480153600, 4R 480154200, 4F 480154400, 5R 48015520, 5F-6R 480155462


Rubber & Metal Repair Kits: 051988300, 016013800, 016013900, 051982000, 016014000, 016014100, 016014200, 016014300, 051988400, 016013200, 016013300, 052070200, 016013400, 016013500, 016013600, 016013700

Model “GA” Flapper – Full Flow with Carbide orifice Identical to the “G” except for a carbide orifice in the flapper. Allows differential pressure readings at surface.

Model “GC” Flapper – Full Flow Automatic Fill Identical to the “G” but adds an automatic fill feature when going in the hole. Helps prevent pressure surges that could cause formation breakdown.

Model “GCA” Flapper – Full Flow with Carbide orifice Identical to the “GA” but adds the automatic fill feature.